Lapband failure

on 12/6/17 12:56 pm, edited 12/6/17 12:58 pm

Hello. I just had my lapband removed this past Feb. They ruled it out as ineffective. I only lost 69lbs.. Got tired of the needles on adjusting it. I have to wait 6-9 mos before I can get the RNY. However, my insurance doesnt wont cover the Clearances. I need and I have to pay out of pocket because they are classifying this RNY as a revision. But I got a approval for the RNY though. Ugh the struggle.

on 12/16/17 9:47 pm
Lap Band on 02/20/17

Good luck.

on 5/16/18 5:05 am
Revision on 04/04/18

69lbs is awesome good luck to you!

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