8-Year Bandiversary (3 years post sleeve revision)

on 3/19/18 8:43 am

Hi everyone,

I tend to not think about this forum much in my daily life, but 3/17/10 was my band date. I am happy to report (thank God) that I revised to a sleeve on 3/15/15. There may be some folks around *****member me from back then, but I assume most have moved on with their lives. It's been 8 years, after all!

I was lucky enough that the band didn't do any permanent damage (don't get me started on the damage it did though...) and that 8 years afterward, I am happy, healthy, and still down 55lbs from my surgery weight. I had lost 95 total, and still working to get back down there, but to be honest, in the fight against obesity, keeping 55lbs off for 8 years is still an incredible success.

I hope everyone here is doing well and finding the help they need. I would encourage any new folks considering the band to run in the opposite direction, unfortunately. I only had 2 good years with it, if you can even call them that, before the trouble started.

Much love to all,


Highest Wt: 274 / LAP-Band Low: 180 / Sleeved at 233 / Goal: 160!