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on 4/9/18 3:37 pm
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Hi ya'll! I am new to the group and I am having my 10 year old Lap band removed in 2 weeks with a conversion to gastric bypass. Excited and nervous all at the same time! Any advice ya'll can offer is greatly appreciated. I'm really interested to hear about your first few weeks post-op. And if anyone travelled within a week after their surgery??? Thx! :)

on 4/11/18 5:43 am - Putnam, CT
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I would suggest posting this in the revision forum and the RNY forum.

I myself am a band to bypass revision best thing I could have done. The first few weeks post-op for me weren't to bad, but I also have a high pain tolerance and took 4 weeks off from work. I was tired, but made sure to get plenty of water and other fluids in so I didn't get dehydrated.

I wouldn't have been able to do any travelling the first week or two as I was pretty uncomfortable sitting for a long time.

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