Lap Band removed! ?

on 4/16/18 7:08 pm - ID
It is with a heavy heart after 11 years of a love-hate relationship with my lapband I unfortunately had to have it removed. My lap band slipped and embedded itself into my liver. I was having severe chest and back pain which landed me in the ER, only to find out the pain was caused from my lap band and without choice it had to be removed. I had lost 112lbs and maintained that weight loss for 9 and a half years. My lap band has been removed for less then 2 months and I have already gained 18 pounds. I feel like I am cautiously watching what I eat, limiting my carb intake and making sure I have at least 10,000 + steps a day. I am sooo scared of gaining all my weight back. My BMI is too low to have any kind of revision surgery. Is there anyone out there that has had their lapband removed and was able to maintain a healthy weight/BMI? Or if anyone has any good suggestions I am open to them!