Would love this band ripped out

on 6/2/18 10:32 pm

I just visited my surgeon the day after memorial day about lap band to gastric bypass revision.

First thing mentioned was I have not been to office in 10+ years. I felt nothing more could be done.

I have terrible reflux and I'm tired of throwing up.

Revision does not seem to be on the horizon.

Going down my throat on Monday and back to the Dr in July.

Feeling depressed ?

Nic M
on 6/4/18 7:59 pm, edited 6/4/18 12:59 pm

Best of luck to you, Michele. I hope the scope went okay. Are you considering having the band removed, even if revision is not an option? I understand the being tired of reflux and throwing up. I went through it, too, and it's miserable.

Check in if you're able and let us know how you're doing. I hope you'll feel better soon.



 Avoid kemmerling, Green Bay, WI


on 7/31/18 11:50 am

Hi Michele,

You are definitely not alone with your band woes. I too have not been in the office for years - 7-8 years.

I have been successful in losing weight, but it took a very long time for me to educate myself on losing weight naturally (diet and exercise). I struggle to eat literally everything good for me. Processed foods are about the ONLY things that go down with ease (chips, cereals, bars, cheese, pizza, fried snacks, etc.) and I struggle to eat REAL foods (leaner meats, veggies, even eggs barely pass)

It was then I learned to eat small bites and drink carbonated water. Yeah, I know it's a CRAP BAND no-no, but it works and helps the food bubble and pass to the lower stomach and relieves the pain. It still takes me about 60-90 minutes to eat a meal. Using this methodology I've lost the weight and keep it off, but even my morning coffee has started to make me over-salivate and gurgle. I am heading in to a surgeon soon to see what things look like internally and discuss my options for removal/revision. I cannot take the torture anymore.

Hopefully your July appointment went well and you have some hope.

on 1/27/19 4:03 pm

Hi, Im in the same boat too. I had my 1st lap band placed in Nov 2008 ..2014 I had it replaced because it started to leak...Since early 2018 I have been having horrible GERD, acid indigestion, feel like Im aspirating at night ...coughing bile up...and there has been no fills or nothing since 2014...I have an appt with a different surgeon now that I live in a different county to hopefully remove all the fluid and talk about a revision. I would be happy to get feed back on your experience or Michelle as well. I will check back and let you know how mine goes after Febraury 7th 2019