Weight Gain 9 years after Lap Band surgery

on 8/6/18 4:23 pm

I was 15 pounds short of meeting my goal. Then suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly) started gaining weight. I've now gained 40 pounds and am so depressed. I don't know what to do. My surgeon doesn't have any answers for me. I was sent for some type of x-ray-ish test to see if I was dilated or dilating but everything is supposedly in place. I haven't felt any real restriction in about 2 years. I really don't want to keep gaining weight and am so desperate to meet my goal (now 55 pounds away). Please... does anyone know what I can or should do at this point?

on 8/7/18 6:37 pm
Lap Band on 02/20/17

May sure you don't eat lots of carbs. Go back to liver shrinking process for a week and watch the carb intake.

on 8/8/18 9:44 am

I'm sorry to hear you're re-gaining. I've been there many times before. The biggest thing I can think of is checking and changing your diet. Start logging your food and monitoring your weight as you tweak and make changes. I've had great success with intermittent fasting (eat 2x a day, noon-8pm only)and Keto (high fat, very low carb). This seems to work well for limiting insulin production and therefore helps your body perform optimally at burning off excess fat. I'm high risk for diabetes, so that is what drove me to try it and I've dropped 35lbs since march with LOTS of cheats Lol.

That being said, it may also be worth while to have your thyroid, sugar, and hormone levels checked to make sure your boy dies not have a bigger issue, since this kind of came from nowhere.


on 9/20/18 10:07 am

I can relate after 7 years I have started to gain weight but I think mine is due to my body being malnutritioned a year ago but now things are finally on track and I gained about 60 lbs in a year but I'm working on getting some of it back off. I suggest definitely go see your surgeon.

on 9/22/18 4:52 pm

I suppose you could have a revision. How far out are you?

on 10/1/18 4:15 pm

I have had my band 9 years. Did great for the first 6 years or so but since then have been rapidly regaining. Nothing really wrong with it except it no longer does what it is designed to do. Apparently this is really common.

I am now looking at revising to a Bypass as per my surgeon's recommendations

on 11/2/18 12:05 pm

I am 12 years out, I find I am really good at cheating and ignoring what I eat. I will say that I know what to eat to allow myself to eat huge portions. But I also know what to eat to make me uncomfortably full. For me apples with skin on, carrots - raw, hard boiled eggs and greek yogurt, these will make me feel uncomfy! I use them when I start to graze.

Trying really analyzing what you are eating hopefully this will help. I am up about 20lbs right now but I know I am eating too much, even if it is low carb...

on 2/22/19 1:55 pm

Can you get a fill?