Removal scheduled for tomorrow

Krista C.
on 8/27/18 10:17 am - Quispamsis, Canada

After 11 years, I am having my lapband removed due to inflammation causing side pain (since last Sept) For those who have been through this, can you share your recovery time? I work at a seated job and hope to return Saturday and teach low impact classes at the gym (hope to go back next Wednesday - 8 days out) Experiences? Thanks in advance!


on 9/14/18 8:55 am - Milford, OH
REALIZE Band on 11/27/07 with

Hi, Hope all went well for you! Please post an update when you can.

Thinking about having my band removed and would be interested in your experience.

on 9/22/18 4:50 pm

I can't imagine that it would be any different than when they put it in. I do have a question, how long did you actually use it? Has it been sedentary for some time?