Band Removal - What to Expect?

Stacy T.
on 2/24/19 7:15 pm, edited 2/24/19 7:30 pm

I had to have my Realize band removed this past Thursday. I had it placed Nov 24, 2008. I had tremendous success, even did 2 pregnancies while I had the band, losing all of my baby weight from each. My body just wasn?t working it anymore. My doctor thought it was my hiatal hernia opened back up but once inside discovered that a tremendous amount of scar tissue around the band itself And that coupled with my scoliosis increasing in the last 10 years by about 12-14 degrees had increased the bend in my esophagus. So a good decision to have it out! I am sad though because I did so well for so many years and now it was just pain all the time. I'm really tore up about having it out.

My question: to those who had their band for a long time (greater than 5 years), how was did you feel eating after it was taken out? Did you feel extremely full even after a small bit of food? I start back to solid food tomorrow. I can?t tell though if it?s just internal swelling from the procedure or maybe my ?bottom stomach? shrunk considerably during my 10+ years with the band.



Pre-Op wt : 210 (Nov 08)

Lowest Post-op wt: 145 (Jul 12)

Removal wt: 185 (Feb 19)

Nic M
on 3/1/19 12:04 pm

Hi Stacy, I'm sorry you had pain and needed your band removed. You're not alone, that's for sure. I hope you heal well and feel better quickly.

After I got my band out, I had high hopes that I wouldn't be able to eat large quantities because it felt as if my stomach had shriveled into the size of a pea. But that all changed very quickly. It didn't take long at all before I felt like I could eat everything and then some.

I only kept the weight off by extreme dieting and intense workouts. Once I stopped both of those things, I regained. If I could do it over again, I would choose to do a moderate exercise routine such as walking daily and some strength training instead of going so overboard and burning out. And maybe a dietician/support group for help with meals, etc. Hindsight is 20/20, of course.

Best of luck to you.


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