Taking my trusty band out...

Tara R.
on 4/16/19 8:17 pm - CA

Banded in 2007 with tons of success. Highest weight was 350, at surgery 316 and currently weighed in today at 127. ?

while ive have tremendous success, this past year the reflux and aspiration have been terrible to deal with. I finally made an appointment with a new surgeon as I moved out of state and we decided an upper GI and removal was necessary.

I am TERRIFIED. I don't know what to expect. I don't want to gain all the weight again. I just want to be able to keep fluids down, not wake up throwing up in the middle of the night and feel like a normal person at dinner.

Can anyone share their your experience after they removed your band?

on 4/20/19 6:48 am

Taking some of the fill out won't help or removing all fill for a while but not removing the band won't help?

on 4/20/19 7:29 am

Taking some of the fill out won't help or removing all fill for a while but not removing the band won't help?

on 4/30/19 6:07 pm
Revision on 12/05/18

.I also got the band in 2008. Weight loss was successful until 2014. I started regaining and having acid reflux which was like a belly full of fire. I had my band removed dec 2018, and got the sleeve. I'm so glad I did it. I was miserable. I weighed 260 Dec 5 at the time of surgery. Today I weight 210 and I feel great. Removing the band was a bit painful but after 2weeks I could feel the difference

on 5/4/19 11:48 am

I am scheduled to have my band removed next month based on the same reasons. I am now considering the sleeve but have many questions. How is your reflux? I am so over waking up nightly choking and sleeping upright.

on 8/28/19 9:10 pm

Hi. I want to have my band removed and get gastric sleeve. The band is no longer working. Did your surgeon do both procedures at the same time? I don't want to have 2 surgeries.

White Dove
on 9/1/19 7:18 am

It depends on the surgeon and on your body. Sometimes they need to have a period of healing between removing the band and doing the new surgery.

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on 5/22/19 7:25 pm - san antonio, TX

Let me know how it goes. I was banded in 2004 and have successfully kept the weight off. About 4 years ago had all solution removed due to complications but having trouble and pretty sure my surgeon is going to say it needs to come out.

Even though It's been empty I'm sure I still have some restriction or feeling of fullness with it just being there. Scared that if it's removed and once healed I will gain weight. If I could I would say do the gs revision but even though my insurance covered the band and it would cover removal it won't cover a revision because I'm not obese.

O my 15 yrs after lapband surgery and I'm still stressing.

on 6/3/19 7:43 am

I was banded in 2008. Great success no issues at all until beginning of 2018. Acid reflux galore... sleeping was a challenge, waking up coughing but never vomiting. Just annoying and painful burning. Went to doc and had band emptied. It cured all symptoms immediately but she wanted to do upper GI & xray which both showed lapband was in appropriate place. Found a couple of spots that were sent for biopsy which turned out to be nothing but learned about Barrett's and possibility for it to form. I was on the zero end of the scale. I like my lapband, it works. The clinic & doctor I go to in Seattle seemed to want to remove it, saying people aren't really doing band anymore because of issues. She refilled my band w 3ccs which doesn't provide any restriction. For 6 months I've done everything they asked and have gained 35lbs. I'm devastated because she doesn't want to give me anymore fill and has told me since I don't want corrective surgery (I don't have any issues now so don't understand why I should remove) that I need to go through their weightloss services instead. So I wish luck to anyone having their band removed but understand for me anyway, just having the band fill reduced resulted in immediate weight gain. I was shocked at how fast my weight changed but being able to eat a full meal again, even though eat healthier than ever before, it just packed it right back on. Debating whether to find someone to fill it again or what...I don't want to hurt myself but wonder if anyone is still having success with band after 10 years?

on 7/18/19 9:57 am


I was banded in 2008 over ten years ago. I have lost 75 LBS but still need to lose more to get to my goal weight. Have no health issues except I've been in the gym a lot recently and notice some swelling by my port probably due to weakness in that area. Im working out 5 days a week and feel better then I've felt in years trying Keto/IF and its ok so far. I just made a appt with my surgeons office for a upper GI just to check to make sure everything is okay. Otherwize I feel great! Elizabeth