I want to remove my band even though it was successful

on 5/24/20 1:32 pm - houston, TX

Hello All!

This summer will be my 13th? Bandiversary. My max weight was 250. My lowest weight was about 130. My favorite weight with muscle is about 140. I had MAYBE one fill that first year but haven't had any complaints with my band. I feel like I used as it was meant to be used... a tool to gain new habits and awareness about my relationship with food.

My opinion on having foreign objects in my body has changed significantly. I am hoping to have plastics this summer and really want to have the band removed at the same time.

Has anyone removed their band just because they wanted to? If so, weight gain? Mental change? Tell me about your experience. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

on 5/27/20 12:01 pm


I had success from the Band, only due to amount I had to throw up. How to keep from getting food stuck? No matter what I do, it seems to get stuck. I can never eat breakfast, as my physicians states, your stomach has shrink. So I tried a little something a little later in the day, and yes, there are times it still gets stuck. Most of the time I don't get to eat late evening, at that point I am so hungry and just eat; however, nothing is getting stuck at that point.

I am ready to have him remove some of the fluid, though I just started back getting fills. My physician at one time removed all the fluid as it become more and more difficult to eat anything. I was able to maintain for while, before gaining any weight back. Once I started gaining I went back for more fills. I'm at my 3rd fill and back to having to vomit. It's so frustrating; I want to feel full not stuck.

Any suggestions you can pass on, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

LaDonna R

on 6/5/20 7:39 pm - houston, TX

Hello LaDonna! So sorry you are having so many issues.

I am not a medical professional but I can tell you that my stomach doesn't like fast food, fried foods, or heavily processed foods. It also doesn't like anything microwaved. Also I have to really take my time and CHEW food to help it stay down in my stomach. The idea of quick eating doesn't work for me unless it's something in liquid form.

I would consider maybe trying some new foods and trying to Foods that will stay down.

are you working with a nutritionist?


on 6/5/20 11:50 am

I think if you are willing to pay out of pocket for the band to be removed, that is what you may have to do if the insurance company does not see a reason to remove it, it won't be approved. You may also have to find a bariatric surgeon AND a plastic surgeon who are willing to work with each other for the joint effort.

on 6/5/20 7:30 pm - houston, TX

Thanks for replying but I wasn't asking about anything related to cost or the procedure. My last paragraph contained questions related to the experience after having it removed. But thanks for engaging anyways:)

on 6/8/20 10:35 am

Apologies, I thought that the financial part of it would be included in the experience. It's great that you have had success with the band, as many have not and I totally get not wanting foreign in your body. That was a reason I didn't go for the band, initially.

Best of luck to you!

on 6/11/20 10:49 am

well done, that's right!

on 6/30/20 12:28 pm

I loved my band - unfortunately, it slipped so I had to have it removed in 2016. I was able to maintain initially, but over time, I started putting on weight no matter what I did. I joined WW, I still exercised, and the weight just slowly creeped on over a period of 2 years (It didn't all come back quickly for me, but no matter what I did, I couldn't keep it from creeping up). I just had vsg surgery a month ago because even after a 6 month doctor/nutritionist supervised diet, I still only lost 10 pounds. So I needed to do something. I was pretty disappointed, I was convinced I could keep the weight off when my band came out - I was a total rule follower and had changed my eating habits entirely the whole time I had the band and I didn't go back to bad habits when it came out - although I obviously ate more than when I had it in because I was hungrier. I also never had much fluid put in my band while I had it, I wasn't one to go in and get fills all the time. I wish you success with whatever you decide.

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