doing better but!

on 5/26/15 3:54 pm - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

With the warmer weather and the plaquenil really doing its job I am really feeling much better. Biggest problem is my boss. She sees I am doing much better now and expects me "to keep moving forward." Throws up to me how grateful I should be for coworkers who picked up my slack not considering all the things I did for them to make up for the more physical things I couldn't do. I am in fear of suffering any flares because she just doesn't get it. Enjoying the warm weather but dreading the inevitable cold weather come fall. I do plan on printing out info from the government site JAN which describes lupus as a disability and lists accommodations that should be available if needed. Hope that helps enlighten her some. This coming from a boss who I gave so much support to when she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer!


Dejah H.
on 5/27/15 8:55 am - Central, TX

I'm sorry your boss is not very understanding. :(

I am glad you are feeling better! I hope that the plaquenil continues to do its job through the winter months as well! For me, the plaquenil has been a miracle. I feel so good, and even when I have a flare, it is not as bad and doesn't last as long. :)

Take care!

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