Lupus flares

on 1/9/18 7:25 pm

Hi, everyone

I've been diagnosed with lupus for 2 years but flares often recur (about 3-4 times each year). I used to be prescribed with Prednisone, Plaquenil, vitamin D and turmeric in 3 months. But after taking them 1.5 months, I had hair loss and dry eyes. My doctor reduced the doses, so side effects are also relieved. Unluckily, lupus seems to develop flare ups frequently. I asked my doctor again, she just encouraged me to change lifestyle habits and gave me b12 complex supplement. I didn't see differences after 3 months though I tried to exercise and reduce stress. Who can recommend me medicines or supplements to reduce flares?

Thank you so much!

on 1/10/18 8:02 pm

hi, jane 235

Prednisone and Plaquenil may cause side effects. When taking them, you should drink more water and eat more vegetables, fruits. For lupus patients, flares often come and go. I sometimes have flares, but they will go if I reduce stress and focus on diet.

I think your flare ups can be reduced by changing lifestyle:

  • Avoid stress. Do anything you like, such as reading interesting books, listening to music, watching films or hanging out with your friends. Try to reduce your work if you're tired.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep will help your body rests and gains more energy. Lack of sleep can trigger flares. You need to 8-9 hours each night to sleep.
  • Seek support. If you're under pressure, you should find trusted person to share your issues.
  • Eat healthy foods. Try to avoid processed, fried fruits. Instead, eat more salmon, broccoli, tuna, flaxseed and fruits.
  • Do exercise. You can try to exercises like Tai Chi, yoga, walking.

Lupus flares seem to be decreased when I change lifestyle and take supplements. If b12 complex doesn't work well, you can ask your doctor to take another one. But supplements often work after taking a long time.

on 1/11/18 7:57 pm

thank you for your reply!

I try to exercise, but it seems to be difficult for me. I'm exhausted whenever walking for 20 minutes. But now, my husband encourages me to do Tai Chi, he also practices with me every morning. I don't know whether the exercise helps reduce lupus flares. Besides, I focus on diet but I can't eat vegetables. I asked many lupus people, they told me should take supplements to boost my health and try to eat vegetables. Asked my doctor, she only told me to eat omega 3s, vitamin D, E, A foods and change lifestyle, no suppl. I don't know should I take which one as b12 complex didn't work for me.

on 1/12/18 2:37 am

If vitamin b12 complex supplement doesn't work for you, you can consider to take lupufree, omega-3 fish oil or vitamin d. These are effective and help to prevent flare ups. But you maybe need 3-4 months to have good results as supplements aren't medicines. They just support your health, don't cure your disease.

on 1/12/18 6:48 pm

Lupufree, omega-3 fish oil and vitamin D. Have you ever taken them? I wanna know your experiences before taking. Thank you!

on 1/12/18 8:05 pm

Yep, I used to take b12 complex and lupufree. My doctor recommended to me. I took them at the same time. In the morning I took 1 pill b12, and 1 pill lupufree in the evening. I waited for 2.5-3 months to see differences. Now, I just prevent lupus flares by diets and lifestyles, don't take suppl anymore. Hope you choose suitable ones.

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