Help! Travelling....

on 7/31/11 10:04 am - Riverview, Canada
I am flying across country on wednesday, I am curious--how will this affect my lymphedema---both of my legs are affected--one more than the other--can I expect them to swell or just POSSIBLY swell? I do not have compression garments.
Thank-you for your replies. I will check in tomorrow as I need an early night.

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on 8/2/11 6:34 am - New Bedford, MA
I wish I knew. I don't travel by plane, and I am fairly new to this Lymphedema thing also. Do you have a lymph therapist? Maybe he/she could give some advice, or maybe even your primary care doc. I know you need an urgent reply, but try taking with Saralicious who frequents this site. She has been helping me, and on one of my posts, a new lady has given me advice too. I wish I could be of more help.

Good Luck!

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