Clothing to fit my swollen leg...

Gary C.
on 8/18/11 10:27 pm - Las Vegas, NV
Before my left leg got so very swollen, I had trouble finding clothes to fit because of my weight. I have been wearing sweatpants for years because I could not find jeans that fit. But now, my left leg has grown so large because of lymphedema that I cannot find anything to wear. I have one pair of sweats that kind of fit, but they are wearing out and soon I will literally have nothing to wear.

Is there anyone that I can go to that could make me sweatpants based on my measurements that will not drag me over the coals because of my freakishness?

It is as hard as hell for me to type this... I am in tears... please, help me if you can.

on 8/27/11 10:22 am - Canada
 Gary I also have lymphedema, so I totally understand your frustration and fear.  I live in Canada and found nothing up here that would fit my swollen legs at all.  I went on Ebay and was amazed at the selections available to me in super plus sized clothing.  Maybe you could give that a try!?   Please don't be ashamed.  This is a condition that you have, not something that you asked for! 
on 10/18/11 8:07 am - New Bedford, MA
I am having the same problem with both of my legs and finding pants that fit. If the pants are tight, it shows the bulging rolls of my lymphedema which is totally embarassing! I agree with the last post......try looking on ebay. As for me, I am looking to start wearing long flowing skirts to hide my ugly, deformed legs. Best of luck to you.

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Cecelia B.
on 6/15/12 8:20 am - St Louis, MO
 My son has a women who sews  TRIANGULAR  insert in his pant leg so he can wear his pants, his is very large and he could not get work clothes to fit it.  also Womem withing has extra wide leg pull on pants in black and brown etc you might be able to get into.

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