Lymphedema and knee replacement

on 11/15/11 12:32 am - Philadelphia, PA
Has anyone had their knees replaced with lympedema.?

Any information will be very helpful.

on 2/18/12 10:40 am - Philadelphia, PA
I have successfully made it through a total right knee replacement.  I had no flare up of lymphedema nor any infections.  I am so thankful to God.  Next year this time I hope to be saying the same about my left leg which has the lymphedema.

on 2/26/12 3:12 am - Friendswood, TX
May I ask, do your thighs hang over your knees and how long were you down? My thighs are very saggy and hang over my knees that is how I was diagnoised with lymphedema the Ortho Dr. said doing replacement maybe a problem with healing because of the skin  overhang on the incisions. I went to a plastic surgeon to maybe get lypo and she told me what I had and that if she interrupted the lymphatic system anymore I may not ever be able to work due to increased swelling, being a nurse I was devistated. She sent me to the Lymphedema Institute in Houston where I was wrapped and compressed for 5  months. Now I wear compression pantihose. I had RNY 2 yr.s ago but now along with the saggy skin I have huge rope like veins all over my  my thighs and calfs. Since the RNY and wt. loss my knees don't ache and I can walk for 12 hr.s without pain. I need double total knee replacements that I would also like to do this year. Thanks for sharing any of your experience.
  Miss  Jean   
on 2/26/12 3:39 am - Philadelphia, PA
Hi Ms Jean

My thighs are saggy but they don't come to my knees.  I had a panni both before my WlS and after.  I spoke to the ortho doc about getting the fat off of the area above my knees and he said I could probably do it.  I still have a lot of weight to lose but I had started to put weight back on and realized that it was because I was in so much pain when I walked.  Both of my knees were bone on bone.  It is great that the one knee has no pain.  I give you so much credit to wear the compression garments.  I went for a one time treatment and I knew I could never do it.  As long as the disorder stays in my one leg and I don't get any celulitus flairups I am happy.  I was very fortunate that my RNY surgeon was familiar with lymphedema. 

I wish you luck in finding a PS to do some lypho to allow you to get the knees done.  Me personally I wouldn't settle for just one opinion, I would go to several PS.  As a nurse you need your legs to walk.

Good luck to you Ms. Jean
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