soft capsule d3 2000units

on 3/13/12 9:52 am, edited 3/13/12 9:54 am
k, we just got back from Costgo and all they had in D3 was the soft gel...can I poke it with a pin and drizzle it on my tongue and then swallow it?


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on 10/15/12 10:24 am
No you can't.  All DS fat solubles must be in * dry*  form! 

In my pre-op class, I was told that even the softgels contain oil, which, with a 20% absorption rate of fat with the DS, is simply throwing money away.

For DSer's...Vitamins A, D, E and K must be in dry form.  You can hunt around and order from differnt sources, or just get the DS regimen from Vitalady. 

I get some of both...whoever has the lowest price for what I need.

I shop around the vitamin stores on the Web for vites and protein, and some I get from Vitalady...and...even eBay!

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