I hope someone sees this!

on 11/3/12 11:14 am - Pascoag, RI
RNY on 12/11/12

I have secondary moderate to severe lower lymphedema in both my legs.  Up till now I've been getting cellulitis about twice a year.  This past year not once... Thank God!

I'm 40 days away from having my RNY and I've been battling this open area on my left leg in the back of my calf.  Thank God I have dressings to keep it covered and clean... One day it seems like it's getting better... a couple days later it seems like it's getting worse.  I don't know if they will operate if I have an open area and I'm afraid to ask!!  At the moment... I do not have cellulitis.  But it comes up fast as you all know.  GOD PLEASE KEEP THE CELLULITIS AWAY... if only for a month after surgery.  

It hurts right now.  I've been dealing with it now for about 2 months.  It's never really hurt before but I have been laying down all day (in a recliner) so there's been pressure on it.  Maybe that's why it hurts so much.

I can deal with cellulitis. I'm an old pro at it by now.

How much can I expect to lose from this surgery? I'm at 480 right now.  I started out at 532.  I should be wearing compression every day but sometimes I just get SICK OF IT... you know?

Maybe I've answered my own question.  Keep it dressed and clean... and start using the compression... I use Tubi-Grip.  It's the only thing I can manage on my own. Wrapping is best but I can't manage that at the size I am.

Thanks for listening?    

on 11/6/12 3:12 am - Philadelphia, PA

Lymphedema sucks but cellulitis sucks even more.  I would make an appointment with both your PCP and the surgeon doing the Gastric Bypass.  If you have an open wound and there is any chance for infection they won't operate on you.  For morbidly obese (I hate that term) people they usually put the compression stockings on you after the surgery. 


I know how excited you must be to only have a month until you start a new life.  But you want to start this new life with both of your legs and not getting any serious infections.  The only person who can help you are the professionals.  Trust me they have your best interest in mind. 


I was around 470 lbs when I had my RNY.  Everyone was afraid that I was going to get serious breakout and blood clots in my legs as I also have Lymp and frequently had celulitus which I was causing.  Fast forward , had the surgery lost 200 lbs in 3 months started to see an ortho doc for the arthritis in my knees and was started on a Syvesk (sp?) regime.  After the second injection I had the worse case of cell.  My temperature went to 103 in a matter of minutes.  I was being threatened to be hospitalized.   I begged them to try oral antibiotics and thank you God that worked.  Upon seeing my gastric surgeon he told me that the shots are what caused the breakout.  So here I was sailing along beating a lot of the odds and a stupid injection in my knee put me down.  since that time I have only had one breakout and that also was my doing.  I have lost another 70 lbs but put that back on.  I have had plastic surgery or a panni  and I have had one of my knees replaced.


I am only telling you my story because I want you to have hope.  But also you need to do things in right order.  You sound to be an intelligent woman get the wound healed and then your surgery.  Hospitals are famous for spreading infections and with an open wound in the back of your leg you are leaving your self vunerable to a serious infection. 


Please let me know how you make out.  I am very far out from RNY but I know how little of support there is for the super morbidly obese.  You can do this but please do what is best first.

Best of luck and love to you.



on 11/6/12 3:44 am - Pascoag, RI
RNY on 12/11/12
Hi Jeanne!

Thanks for responding. I did make a call into my PCP. I'm having her put me on an oral antibiotic. Normally when I get cellulitis due to the Lymphedema I have to be treated with Vancomycin IV. I know I'm not to that point and my left leg has lost a lot of its swelling due to my pre-surgery required Weightloss. So I put a call into my doctors office. I have a great relationship with my doctor and she trusts me to know my body. I explained my situation to the office manager and asked for a broad spectrum antibiotic. I think it'll work now that my leg is so squishy! lol
I will notify the surgeons office tomorrow. I actually want to see if its too late to change my surgery to a VSG.

I'll keep you in the loop!
on 11/6/12 5:32 am - Philadelphia, PA

Please do.  You have my prayers.  I don't know much about VSG but I know that there is some research saying that certain procedures are better for us than others.  It comes down to your determination.  Remember going in, especially with support groups, that many of the people will be starting at a weight that you would love to be.  You are going to take longer to get to a goal so please make your goals in steps and make them reasonable. Also, please make sure that you have your head on straight.  Not trying to be smart but you have to make sure that you are in a good frame of mind.  Again, I tell you this as I made many mistakes and do overs are a pain in the ass. 

If you have a good PCP then you are golden.  The fact that your doc trusts that you know your body is terrific.  You seem to have all your ducks in a row, now get that infection healed and we will make room for you on the loser's bench.


Please feel free to contact me. 



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on 12/7/12 8:13 am - Musquash, NB, Canada
VSG on 10/02/12

Hi, I have bilateral lymphedema as well... I had a large sore on the top of my calf. I used Fucidin Cream, A sterile Telfa patch and then tagaderm patches. Costly, but it was what worked for me. You can see by my ticker what I have lost my calves are still large, but no cellulitis so far... I, like you, would get the cellulitis. Elevate the legs with pillows allowing your sore to not be on any pressure at all. I found when I kept it from being irritated (and just a wee bit of irritation, could be bad) made things so much better.

I know about getting tired of the compression... I wear my wraps about three to five times a week... I am supposed to wear them more... but I have no stockings... just the manual wraps... so it gets pretty old. You are doing great, I know how hard this is for you, I was there. 384 at my heaviest and now I am 279, Every day, it gets better and better!!!

Good luck and let me know how everything goes for you!!!


on 12/7/12 7:16 pm - Pascoag, RI
RNY on 12/11/12

My area on the back of my leg is completely healed! Every hating is dry and looking good! I'm not even wearing a dressing anymore.
I'm 3 days away from having my gastric bypass. I'm very excited and very anxious.
Going to run about today to do some last minute errands. Must get lip balm... It was a very popular suggestion by many other gastric bypass patience.
I'm scheduled for Tuesday, December 11 @6am. First one of the day. Everyone including my insurance nurse practioner agrees that's a great thing!
All my ducks *are* in a row and I feel good about my decision. I feel like its my time and its the right time. I've got a great support system and am blessed by having so many people rooting for me!

I'll post again and let everyone know how I made out. My husband can't believe it when I tell him I'll probably lose 200lbs in the first 2-3 months. LOl!
on 12/21/12 12:35 am

How did your surgery go?  How are you feeling?  I am still on the fence but with my size, ailments(HPB, Diabetes, Lymphedemena, etc), it should be a easy decision.  I guess I just can't figure out which one to have.  I need to be back on my feet in no time so I can keep my job.    Anyhoo, I know I am new here, but I am just wondering how you're doing.  I pray that all is well.  Take care of yourself and congratulations!

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on 12/11/12 12:59 pm - Musquash, NB, Canada
VSG on 10/02/12

By now... you should have had your surgery. I hope all went well. I look forward to hearing how you made out. I am VSG and not really ever on the RNY forum, so I hope maybe you can write how you are doing here.


on 12/21/12 7:42 am - Pascoag, RI
RNY on 12/11/12
Hi all!!

Thanks for everyone's response and concerns. I DID have my surgery on Dec 11th and it went off without a hitch! My surgeon told me it took 1 hr and 20 minutes. He said I was no different than anyone else he's ever done. He seemed surprised to me so I asked and he said he was. lol! I literally have no pain. NONE. I had some discomfort the first few days that was gas related but once that passed I really didn't have any pain to speak of. It was hard to drink anything except the protein drinks at first but now I feel awesome... And it's only been just over a week.
So I say to anyone that's on the fence about having this surgery... Get off the fence! I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Holidays... And Happy New Year!!! 2013 is going to be a GREAT year!!!
on 3/29/13 1:13 pm - Philadelphia, PA

Congratulations.  Sorry I am so tardy on the wish.  I had my second knee replaced and then had complications due to all the stomach surgeries that i have had.  Let me know how you are making out.




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