lymphedema after weight loss surgery

on 5/2/13 7:46 am

i had the sleeve in 2011..have lost about 175 lbs after surgery and 150 lbs before surgery..I had Lymphedema..mainly in the legs and thigh area. I have alot of hanging there any excercises I can do to help with this? My surgeon will be discussing plastic surgery with me in september. is there anybody who has had plastic surgery due to the Lymphedema and dp you take water pills? 

on 5/17/13 1:42 pm - Portsmouth, OH

I had plastic surgery to remove skin from my abdomen area, but not my legs, my legs are still tissue filled because of the lipedema. I do not take water pills, as the issue for me isn't the body getting rid of the fluid it's just getting the fluid out of legs so the body and eliminate it. I've seen other LE patients do take them though. If you pursue plastic surgery on your legs be sure the surgeon is very skilled as the surgery can disrupt the lymph system even more given all the lymph nodes in the groin area.

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on 7/1/13 12:24 pm - Evansville, IN

I regained some weight about 80# and had anasarca. My legs have to be in TED hose and I am on lasix and I know it is not a problem of my legs getting rid of the water. It caused a lot of problems at work also. I had to go home, I was leaking on the floor. I was happy to see a whole site dedicated to lyphedema. 


on 5/29/18 3:44 am
VSG on 06/30/18

I'm suffering with leaking at the moment, how do you deal with it?

on 12/15/13 2:31 am
VSG on 12/18/13
I also have Primary Lymph. in both legs and I am going to be sleeved this Wednesday. How did your Lymph. change? How does it compare to pre-weight loss?
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