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on 6/6/13 11:03 am - Portsmouth, OH


In 2010 I shared My Story in support of The Lymphedema Treatment Act. The bill did not make it through the congressional process at that time and must be re-introduced. I am committed to using my newly acquired advocacy skills to help make this act a LAW.


  • Lymphedema is a non-curable but treatable medical condition that results in an accumulation of lymph fluid swelling in parts of the body where lymphatic vessels and/or lymph nodes are damaged, nonfunctional or inadequate. Lymphedema affects an estimated 5-6 million Americans, with the majority of cases caused by cancer treatment.
  • Untreated, or under-treated, lymphedema is progressive and leads to increased morbidity. Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is the gold standard and only known course of treatment for lymphedema. CDT is a multi-modal treatment that is only effective when used in its entirety.
  • Medicare currently covers all but the most critical component, the medically necessary compression supplies used daily in lymphedema treatment, citing they do not fit under any existing benefit category. As a result, many patients suffer from recurrent infections, progressive degradation in their condition and eventual disability because they cannot afford the compression supplies required to maintain their condition.


Although this legislation relates specifically to a change in Medicare law, it would set a precedent for Medicaid and private insurers to follow.

Specific goals of the Act are:

  • Provide comprehensive lymphedema treatment coverage, according to current medical treatment standards;
  • Enable patient self-treatment plan adherence by providing necessary medical supplies for use at home, as prescribed for each patient (including gradient compression garments, bandages, and other compression devices);
  • Allow for new treatment modalities to be considered for coverage as they become available and are approved;
  • Reduce the total healthcare costs associated with this disease by decreasing the incidence of complications, co-morbidities and disabilities resulting from this medical condition.

A quick one-page reference on the Lymphedema Treatment Act. To get involved visit:

I have Lipedema and Lymphedema. I also have a passion for Obesity and Health Insurance Advocacy

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on 6/11/13 4:33 pm - Orlando, FL

I have emailed my congressman about supporting this and I keep updates on my Facebook time line.  I hope to raise awareness for this.  I just found out that I have this and how costly the compression garments are that need to be custom made.

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on 9/8/13 4:28 pm

that is great step toward the wellness. i would sure do it.

on 5/27/14 6:31 pm

I must say I couldn't agree more! Thank the heavens for people like you that stand up and fight against this disease. Lymphedema has taken me to a dark place I never thought in a million years I'd be and when the doctors say " sorry, nothing we can do", it hits like a ton of bricks. I've never heard of someone with a disease that the medical community expects the patient to do all repair work. Would they ever suggest a heart attack victim read his own results and and figure out a plan of recovery or how about a person with burns? Would they expect them to change all their own bandages , of course after they run to the store and buy wraps that cost hundreds of dollars a pair? This would cause so much disturbance and yet anyone with lymphedema is expected to evaluate, treat, and massage their swollen arms or legs and most of them shortly after battling cancer! It's an outrage at best and I just thank The Lord for people like you that are fighting for our rights!! Please know that we all support you in everything you do.... Thanks again, Tonya

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