First Leg Wrap.

on 6/11/13 4:29 pm - Orlando, FL

Woke up just now trying to kick my shoes off because they felt heavy.  Took a minute to realize that is was my whole lower legs that felt heavy and the reason why.  Feels like I have a blister on my heal, as the swelling goes down I have more room around my ankles and the tops of my feet.  Glad this first set is only for 24 hours to get use to them.

on 7/14/13 1:05 am - OR
I do not understand, I thought the stockings were to help venous return and decrease swelling (making less pain?). I am new to lipedema and have not tried the stockings yet (and I se they are very expensive). Please let us know if they are helpful to you, I would really appreciate your guidance. Bless you for sharing your story.
on 8/1/13 1:20 pm - Portsmouth, OH

They can try to pad the heel more before wrapping but that is always the place that rubs or feels like "cutting" at when I'm wrapped I think its from the foot moving it's just a place of friction.

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