A heavy duty adult tricycle

on 8/4/08 4:06 am - Willingboro, NJ
I have very limited mobility and I've been looking for some way to get exercise.  I wanted a non-powered scooter with a bicycle seat but no one makes one.  But, I did find a tricycle that looks interesting at http://kaz-usa.com/Trike.html .  I'm thinking about buying one but I'm concerned about whether I'd have trouble getting on it.  I hope to have that resolved soon.  If I feel that I can get on and off of it, my wife is in favor of anything that will get me out of the house and get me moving.  I'm not even interested in pedaling it.  I would just be happy to sit on it and almost walk it along.  This is not like the adult trikes that use bicycle wheels.  Plus, it's a lot cheaper than they are.
Brian I.
on 8/4/08 4:30 am
My only concern would be the comfort of the seat. I know when I was at my heaviest, any bike seat (even the cruiser seats) were extremely uncomfortable. I even bought a gel-cushioned bike seat to put on my cruiser and I could only last a few minutes.

If your limited mobility is due to your weight, maybe you might be better off doing other types of movement that don't require walking until your diet starts helping you drop enough weight to actually get up and walk.
on 8/4/08 5:21 am - South of Boulder, CO
RNY on 07/24/05 with
That trike looks cool with the high rise handlebars and all, SJ. Sturdy too. I think it would be a blast to coast down a hill and pedal a couple times, then walk it back up the hill. Hey, come to think of it, that's how I first started biking after WLS when I was still over 400 big ones. There are a lot of big, comfy aftermarket bike seats available. 

I say, go for it man!!  

NotDave (Howyadoin?)
on 8/4/08 6:21 am - Japan

Might want to check and see if the pedal are directly connected to the wheel, in other words, does one front wheel revolution = one pedal revolution. If the pedals won't ratchet (=pedals and feet can be held stationary while the bike rolls), you'll be severely limited in speed and then, if you're going downhill, your feet could fly off.

But with something like this that's designed for adults, I would have to assume that the pedals ractchet?

There are so many inventions, I would check and see if this one is just the newest gimmick or if it really offers the most "bang for the buck."

Why not training wheels on an existing bike,  for example?

Best Wishes,



Bob L.
on 8/4/08 8:27 am - Clarksville, TN
RNY on 04/01/08 with
JBob too cool! I think you should go for it any exercise will be plus. Good Job Buddy! C'ya Bob

on 8/4/08 10:17 am - MA
These probably cost more, but might be more useful once you are losing the weight. Look especially at their trike:

on 8/4/08 11:41 am - Meridianville, AL
RNY on 04/28/08 with
Yeah, what Bob said. Any exercise is better than none and will be a plus!
BamaBob54    756997.jpg picture by BamaVulcan04   ROLL TIDE!!!
on 8/4/08 9:18 pm - Willingboro, NJ
Thanks for your responses.  I'm really not interested in pedaling the trike--I just want something I can sit on and propel with my feet--kind of like walking a bike while you are astride it rather than pedaling it.  But, I can't straddle most bikes.  I know that there are several tricycles out there that are basically built on bicycle frames but I just can't get on them.  The Universal tricycle from LivingLX is interesting but it's also $1,200 .  The tricycles that I'm looking at are about $350 plus shipping and handling.  The super large trike and the large trike can support 750 lbs.  Since I'm not sure of straddling those trikes, I sent the company an e-mail yesterday asking whether the low-rider would support me.  It has a different type of seat and the frame is different.  The frame doesn't slant upward from the seat post to the from of the trike.  Rather, it goes straight across from below the seat.  The seat is 24 inches off of the ground.  Overall, this would be a much better fit for me if it does support me.  I'll let you know what I hear when I get a response to my e-mail. 

My wife had one inquiry:  "Where are you going to keep it?"  I told her I could keep it under our patio cover.  But, I could probably even hang it from the ceiling of my garage.

One thought that did occur to me is that I would look rather comical.  After having lived for years with a weight over 500 lbs, I can't think that getting exercise could look comical enough to embarass me.  I'm limited using a cane and using the rollator extends my range only because I can take rests and sit on it frequently ( by the way, using the rollator hurts my arms).  I'm really looking for something that will allow me to exercise my legs a lot more.
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