Taking time to smell the roses, (or manure)

on 5/4/11 11:23 am

The wet, cold weather has prevented  me from doing as much bike riding as I would like, so when I left work today under sunny skies and dry conditions, I headed right to the bicycle trail.

I was making real good time and felt good with lots of energy. I  made the turn for home as the sun was setting. I could hardly wait to see what my total time would be.  But when I passed the local farm, I saw the cattle grazing in the field with the sun behind them.. I had to stop and take out my phone and take this picture.

I love having goals like faster times on my bike. But sometimes I have to step back and take a moment to remember why I am on this weight loss journey. It is to become healthier, hopefully live longer,  and enjoy the life I had deprived myself of all of those morbidly obese years.

I am not here to trade one obsession for another.

I finished my ride of sixteen miles tonight in about an hour.  And hey... if I can increase my riding speed by about ten miles an hour... I'll be as fast as Lance Armstrong!

(I can dream, cant I?)

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on 5/4/11 2:31 pm - Willingboro, NJ
 My brother took that infamous ride across Iowa a few years ago and Lance was riding.  People could ride with him for an hour or more for money which went to charity.  My brother is an avid cyclist and he said he wouldn't have been able to keep the pace.

My brother has been in Mexico on "sabbatical" doing research for a Mexican Univ with his own college footing his bill.  Since he knew he was going to be there between Jan and May, he decided to get a road bike down there.  He said it was a good choice because the paved road near him only has a few occassional patches of pavement.  
on 5/4/11 11:47 pm - Willingboro, NJ
 Hercules, I'm always amazed at the progress that you've had.  Posting you achievements is inspirational.  I like seeing the photos.  I just realized that you may have been referring to the manure of your subject matter as well as to the smell of all of those FARTS you tell us about.
Michael P.
on 5/5/11 7:05 am
Hey Hercules, great picture and thanks for the reminder to stop and smell the roses.  It is definitely needed from time to time.  I have found that I have been doing this more often as I lose more and more weight.  And, don't ever stop dreaming...

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on 5/6/11 6:49 am - MD
Herc: I not only stopped to smell 'em, I bought 4 more to plant in the back yard....  One of my passions is gardening and now that the weather's warmed, I'm outdoors more than in - what with golf season here and so many wonderful things to accomplish in my yard.  And now than I'm down 125 lbs, I can bend, stretch, lift and do all manner of things so much easier than before.  This here sleevie thing is working out just dandy for this old man.  My golf score's not dropping quite as fast as my lbs., but hey, no complaints as I WALK 18 2 or 3 times per week now.  Ain't life grand?
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