on 8/19/12 4:42 pm - Cleveland, TX
Been a long while since I have been on here. Since I was injured in Afghanistan came back had a failed back surgery. Funny my body just does not like to be cut open. Only surgery I ever had that went as it was supposed to was knee surgery. Oh and now I also have adult onset seizures Dr says it was from head trauma overseas. But to my problem. I am trying like heck to get my life back going but I get so shaky like just taking a shower after I am so shaky I do not want to shave just want to sit or lay down.

I am so sick of it, every time I have blood test done they say everything is good but I hate this weak feeling and other people notice me shaking. I admit I do not eat the correct way because I usually only eat once a day. I have even been eating twice or three times a day and it still does not help. Could it be protein? Is there a decent protein pill that is not for body building?

Oh yes I went through the whole "You have ptsd" which I guess I did since I ran the wife off. And was on all kind of drugs. I finally had enough seems I took 10 different meds a day, so I started going off and I am down to 4 meds I must take everyday. It is not kewl to be on a date and feel shaky and feel like falling out...
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Brian K.
on 8/20/12 6:22 am - MA
RNY on 04/23/12
Welcome back. Sorry to hear you are having troubles, it sounds like you are working your way back. As far as shakiness after RNY, I have had an episode or two, they quickly pass and I have chalked them up to dehydration. Be sure to talk to your doctor, you have a lot more going on than the typical WLS patient. Wish you luck and a speedy recovery.
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on 8/20/12 8:33 am - Cleveland, TX
Well it is so bad I feel sickly all the time. I am going to try and find something to help with protein to see if that improves it. The bad part is I am so hard headed far as Dr's go because so many I have come across are just book smart and do not seem to know what they are talking about.

Like this morning it took me a hour to get dressed because I kept feeling so shaky and just out of energy.

Example of my hard head is I had my first bad wreck in July 2011 I got out of truck it was totaled and I managed to damage 4 cars in front of me. I refused emt's had wrecker driver take me home. I got home found it hard to take off shirt and breathe deep so I called my ex asked her to stop and check on me she tried to force me to ER instead I made her take her to my PCP. I walked in he forced me to ER which I guess I was lucky again because I had broke my sternum and left knee. But there is a few vital organs and blood vessels behind the sternum. I remember them hitting me with dilaudid's and still trying to get dressed and leave. Because the pain would not ease off so I thought they were full of it. Oh and this was with a seat belt and the airbag hit me.

I never looked at it like this till now as I was writing this but the good lord must have some plans for me. I have survived many times when a millimeter could of meant death...

Well I am off you cvs to pick up more damn prescriptions and then a vitamin store.

Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you'll be a mile from them, and you'll have their shoes.
Mike R.
on 8/20/12 9:57 am - Warner Robins, GA
First of all - THANK YOU for your service.  This is the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave!

Have you checked your blood glucose when you get the shakes?  Symptoms sound very familar to my hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  Not eating at least every 4 hours something that is high protein low carb will do it to me.  I don't dump but I sure will get hypoglycemic if I eat simple carbs with no fat, fiber, or protein.

Good luck!

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Charlie S.
on 8/20/12 7:21 pm
I have a few thoughts...

1.  Dehydration?  Do you get your water in everyday?  I haven't experienced it myself because I LOVE water, but have heard of people feeling shaky, tired, lethargic, etc when they don't get in enough water.

2.  Blood sugar?  Do you have a way to check it at home?  I would check it when you feel shaky and see what happens.  Might be that your blood sugar is low...

3.  Blood pressure?  I am recently out of the ER myself from passing out in the shower.  They don't know what caused it, but the going theory is that my bp bottomed out due to a fever and illness.  That morning I was feeling nauseous and a little shaky before I passed out.  Could be BP?

You and I have the same surgeon.  I trust him completely.  have you checked with him?  See what he thinks?  I am off to see him next week for my 1 year follow up...

As far as protien goes, I have no suggestions for a pill.  I get all of my protien from food.  However, I have grown to really like the "Pure Protein - Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter" protien bars.  They sell them at Walmart, Target, HEB, etc.  They taste good and have a good deal of protein for the carbs.  Might try them out at least as a snack to get your protein in.  (I usually have one for breakfast and then a real lunch and dinner)

Best of luck and hope you figure out what is causing your problems and get it resolved quickly...
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