3 years post op and getting bigger

on 4/29/13 1:59 am - Graham, NC

SO how normal is it that I am this far out and have started gaining weight again? I am about 30 pounds up from my lowest (which I didn't really like the look of myself at that weight).

Seems that my tummy is getting larger and I am horribly gassy!

ANYONE have any experience with this?


Keep a smile on your face....it makes people wonder what you are up to!
Don 1962
on 4/29/13 9:32 am

Welcome back amigo!

Best advice is get back to the basics and hit the GasX. 

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

on 5/1/13 6:13 am

Right there with you.  I hit my goal (190) and stayed there for a year or so.  Each year I started to creep up...I've gained 40 pounds in 6 years (which is normal).  The simple carbs are our downfall.  We also get busy and neglect the exercise (activity) like walking.  You may want to look at my profile and yearly pictures to see the change.  You're very normal...but you can change it.  RNY is a tool.  We have heard it over and over again.  Use and work your tool and see what happens.  Brian

Harry Parkinson
on 5/15/13 5:50 pm - Maysville, MO
Hi it's been a few years sense I posted here but I'm 7 years post opp and I just started putting on a few and don't like it rather but. From what my dr tells me is our body will try to redux what we have broken and you and I both have to get back to basic diet and vigilance nock out the things we are doing that got us fat to begin with!!!! I have gone back to no white food and low fat and I've started drinking a lot of water again and it's working!!!! My surgery weight was 360 my lowest weight was 165 and I leveled off at 175 was up to 195 and then went back to 185 now ! Good luck and get busy guys ..... This is Harry I miss talking to all the guys here
Harry Parkinson
Rob T.
on 5/17/13 9:50 pm - PA
RNY on 05/13/13

Hello to you Harry, I am just getting started in this life change journey and would like to hear more of what you say.





[May 8, 13 Pre-Op Wt: 279 /BMI 44.4] [June 6, 13 Wt: 249 /BMI 39.6] -30 lbs.

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