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Seev !
on 8/18/15 10:20 am
RNY on 08/20/15


Just checking in after lurking for a long time.  My RNY is in two days, been on the pre-op diet for almost 3 weeks.  Good times!  Stank breath supremo, but clothes are already fitting a little better.

I really appreciate the vets for all their input, and welcome aboard to the other newcomers!



on 8/18/15 7:54 am, edited 8/18/15 7:55 am

Welcome!!  Your breath smells like lighter fluid...Because it is lighter fluid being released (acetone).  Also you will have a stronger urine smell.  See below...Very common. 

Many new people don't know what is going on.  Below is a copy and paste for those who are going through rapid weighloss.  Just throwing it out there...Others may want to add to this or you can do further research.  Brian

Have you recently followed a low carb diet? After which you have become aware of a sudden change in your breath from always fresh to a smelly one? If your answer is yes, then there’s a probability that you are afflicted with the condition identified as ketosis bad breath. You may not be familiar with this although halitosis is the usual set back for a lot of people who are following a low carb diet plans like the South Beach Diet or Akins Diet.

A standard part of low carb diets is that they have the tendency to hold back the quantity of carbohydrates that a person can consume. As an alternative, the person is suggested to dine with foods containing mostly proteins.

Incidentally, carbohydrates are what invigorate our bodies and gives its energy. Once the body has a little supply of carbohydrates to burn, as a substitute, it turns to fat stockpile and utilizes them up for energy. This process is called ketosis.

In the course of ketosis the body makes use of more water than it is normally necessary. Consequently, this can decrease the levels of the saliva in your mouth and can lead to dehydration. This is an important fact since dried out mouth is the number one aspect that can produce oral bacteria and make them grow excessively resulting to halitosis.

To boot, for the period of ketosis, a particular chemicals called ketones are discharged. These ketones can disturb your body's ph balance, and yet again resulting in a bout of foul smelling breath.

Don 1962
on 8/19/15 3:31 am

Sip, sip, sip.

Chew, chew, chew.

Walk, walk, walk and above all else............

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

Seev !
on 8/19/15 11:12 am
RNY on 08/20/15

Thanks for the advice, guys!  11AM tomorrow under the knife, just got the word.


on 8/19/15 6:58 am, edited 8/19/15 6:58 am

You'll be fine. I was questioning my choice big time the AM of the surgery but by bed time that night in the hospital it was all done and the pain was under control. I am no expert but I can see how surgery can be a total game changer of a tool for those that are committed to making a change.

I am 3.5 weeks post op now and happy to be where I am at.

Love your screen name! Fridge over troubled water:)


Seev !
on 8/19/15 8:41 pm
RNY on 08/20/15

Thanks for the kind words, Radron!

I was looking into why Simon and Garfunkel split up recently, had the song in my head for days, then kinda laughed and thought it was somewhat fitting to switch bridge for fridge.




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