Knock...knock...can I enter the man cave for a sec?

on 12/30/15 3:00 pm - Cobourg, Canada
VSG on 04/12/13

Can't help but notice there are alot more guys responding on the main board.  I really like to read your prospectives and know that many issues & experiences are the same & some different.

I left you all shout out on the main board.

on 1/1/16 9:58 am - Woodbury, MN
RNY on 01/16/14

Thanks for the shoutout. The main boards bring a lot of great information, and I read them once in a while. To be honest, I used to post more over there when I first had surgery, and I used to read nearly every post. These days, I cant seem to find the time to read both so I mainly stay in this forum, but I do read the main boards from time to time. 


on 1/1/16 7:49 pm

Over the years I have tried to avoid the Main Forum.  There is WAY too much drama there.  People will want input into which surgery they should get.  If you voice your opinion, you get shot down...Ripped, torn to shreds.  I like to go onto the RNY Board, Exercise and Fitness, and the Men's Forum.  I am tired of the battles over there.  But (since I had RNY) when someone (who may be interested in RNY) comes onto the RNY Forum, I can tell them the plus and minus of the surgery, and not get a lot of arguments about other surgeries.  Here on The Men's Forum when a guy comes on here and ask for input on each surgery, they will get different thoughts and no one is really trying to win someone over for "their" surgery...It's more support and information here.  Yeah, some guy's feelings sometimes gets hurt here...But not very often.  On the Main Forum I feel like I almost have to defend my thoughts...You don't get that here or on The Exercise and Fitness Forum.  On your own surgery forums (examples; VSG, RNY, DS, Lap Band) you get a narrower focus on each surgery...Both good and bad.  Sometimes I'll just post an invite to this forum...But I try to avoid that forum and hope the person (with their doctor's advise) will choose the best surgery for their situation.  Brian

on 1/2/16 5:40 am - Cobourg, Canada
VSG on 04/12/13

Hmmmm, that is a really good point one I do appreciate.  I have noticed over the last few weeks that either there are more men getting WLS which I understand from a doctor here in Canada that men here tend not to seek WLS or even think they need it, suspect than trend is similar in the US. Whereas women don't take as much convincing, which fits in with the history of society's expectations for females etc. & yadda yadda (that old chestnut).

So when I noticed the number of men posting on the surgery forums and then the main...I thought 'bout time you guys have come out of the closet. are right we women have turned WLS into a competitive sport and sometimes there are real blow outs on the main board (we females can be supreme *****es - if you haven't noticed )  So I guess your point hits the nail on the head for me, that the boards tend to be more balanced, tempered and quite frankly humourous & fun with the dudes on board.  

Thanks for the clarity - am still curious if more men are getting WLS since it is really a health issue, but may also link into the trend for men getting onboard the whole personal grooming, beauty/youth train the women have been engineering for decades.

Let me just say these boards are much more pleasurable to read these days.

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