Ok, Brothers.... I need some input

Jeff Waldrop
on 6/4/17 5:04 am - Westlake, LA

In 2006 I had RNY in Houston and started this journey at 390 lbs. Weighed in the 300's for most of 30's.

I went from 390 to 211 in about 11 mos and started to put that 10-15 % back on because I didn't do two things I was instructed to do: 1) Become more active and 2) Make smarter choices in foods.

So for the next 10 years, I stayed between 230 to 260. Last Thanksgiving after realizing I was 270 lbs, I said NO, this isn't going to happen so I bought a Fitbit and started walking. To get to the end of this question, I have lost 57 lbs since Dec 13 and I feel great. Gave away all my clothes and bought some more.

At 213 I want to start slowly jogging so as to get the last 20 lbs I want to get off. I think I can maintain the changes I have made in the last 6 mos to maintain weight.

The problem is when I run the meat that is attached to my rib cage hurts tremendously as it jogs up and down. Why? It is loose skin and a obviously a still thinner layer of fat. I almost feel I need to wrap with a Velcro binder.

Anyone else experienced this? Granted I have no muscle tone to speak up. Maybe need to hit the gym for 3 - 6 mos before running.

Lost for answers,

Jeff W Waldrop

Westlake, Louisiana

Don 1962
on 6/4/17 6:21 am

Have you tried a compression shirt?

Jeff Waldrop
on 6/4/17 6:27 am - Westlake, LA

No sir, I do have a scuba rash guard top about 2 mils thick, but I will have a heat stroke there. Lol

Would Academy have something like that or Dick's?

Thanks, for responding Don

Don 1962
on 6/4/17 6:43 am

There or can get them at Wal-Mart too. Never used compression garments since as a plastic surgeon put it I had "deflated well". Not a runner but do walk a lot so that does not bother the moobs but when I do something that makes them bounce, riding a side by side on rough ground, I notice them then.

Jeff Waldrop
on 6/4/17 7:11 am - Westlake, LA

Well, moobs I have. I do want to start working with weights, just trying to get to 200 lbs first. No reason for that other than I wanted to avoid a sports related injury...

Jeff Waldrop

on 6/15/17 8:08 am

I purchased 3 of these shirts off of Amazon.com - real reasonable around $15 each - hold up great, wash nicely and retain their shape. Just a thought!

on 6/4/17 8:18 am - MA

Hi- started running about 1 year post op. Ran 5k all the way thru a Full Marathon. I had similar issue and others like bleeding nipples(seriously hurt)Invest in compression shirts. I did and have not had issues since...

Yours in WLS Journey,

Bill Mac

Jeff Waldrop
on 6/4/17 1:25 pm - Westlake, LA

Thanks, Bill Mac. Went to Dick's and bought 2.

We shall see what happens now.

Jeff W Waldrop

on 6/4/17 7:54 pm
VSG on 02/01/17

I'm also going to recommend a compression garment.

I've started having a lot of loose skin in my thighs, which has become a challenge in my tae kwon do class. When I do certain kicks, there is a "double" effect - the kick I'm actually doing, and then the flap of the thigh skin that sometimes makes and audible smacking sound.

I started wear compression pants and it has made a huge difference. I do sweat more in class, but I don't mind that so much.

Next up is going to be a compression top - I haven't found one that I like yet. For pants, I like the Sub Sports brand you can get on Amazon - they are pretty reasonable compared to the Nike and Under Armour options.

Jeff Waldrop
on 6/5/17 4:32 pm - Westlake, LA

Last night I bought two XL Under Armor shirts. Slept in one and wore it under my uniform all day today and I love it. Now I know why women wear a sports bra when active. Lol

Thanks Guys,


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