Strength Training - Barbells - giving it a try

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RNY on 10/26/10 with

Has anyone here tried any form of strength training using barbells and traditional exercises like the dead lift, squat, bench press, and military press?

I'm seriously considering hiring a coach - through Starting Strength On Line Coaching (Mark Rippetoe's system). I am a total noob in terms of any type of weight lifting.

I'm wondering if anyone has dealt with the high-calorie and high-protein (like 200+ grams a day) demands that come at times with weight training.

I've recently beat back 30+ lbs of regain, and am once again at a reasonable weight. Now I'm tired of being a weakling, so this time I want to do something about it!

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RNY on 01/16/14

I'm a big fan of weightlifting. Just be sure your form is prefect. It's very easy to injure yourself with bad form. Getting some training up front is a good idea.


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DS on 11/11/14

I lift 6x a week. I don't really squat or deadlift due to herniated discs and destroyed knees but there are always other exercises to get stronger (trainer could help with this).

I did have the DS so I eat every 3hrs and loads of protein already, though after lifting I always mix up a protein drink + creatine within an hour.

Remember you will likely gain weight due to muscle added but your body composition will be much better and muscle burns more calories.

I didn't hire a coach/trainer because my sons are big weightlifters and helped me out.

Definitely a good feeling seeing muscular arms and legs :)

on 8/21/17 9:16 am
RNY on 10/26/10 with

That is awesome! I'd love those results. I am such an upper-body weakass - I can't stand it anymore!

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DS on 11/11/14

Joe I'd recommend a trainer at a local gym to get you started. I think hands on is much better in the beginning than online. Some things are still better the old fashioned way. Also I agree with other poster about starting slow. I didn't start out 6x a week. I started with biceps/triceps one day, legs the next, then back/chest third day. Then 1-2 days rest and start again BUT depending on your fitness it might be a good idea to only lift every other day ( and still alternating body parts), you can still use the bike, elliptical, or treadmill on non lifting days so you are still getting exercise. If you have any questions I'll do my best to help ?

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Just a few things in general. Be sure to work slowly up to it. Many people go into the gym or start training and get frustrated with tearing so many muscles...Totally sore. You need to have some soreness to build up the muscle (you are literally tearing down the muscle to rebuild it stronger). Doing this over time is the way to go. Some soreness good...Total soreness all the time bad. Many total soreness people get frustrated and quit. The other thing you need to be aware is the pressure you are putting on your kidneys when adding too much protein. Especially if you have high uric acid. High uric acid and very high protein don't mix...Can cause damage to your kidneys. For serious weightlifter the high protein is fine. But for those with high uric acid (gout) you need to be careful. If you've had gout (or high uric acid) you may want to consider toning and strength training rather than big time body building (less protein). Brian

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