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on 2/22/18 8:40 pm

Hello Guys! I've been around the website for a while now and finally decided to become a member. I don't have my surgery date just yet but I hope it comes quick. All of my appointments will be complete in the first week of march. Not sure what other ones they have for me other than meet with the surgeon. I'm registered at St. Josephs in Hamilton.


HW: 375lb

CW: 292.5lb

Referral: July 16/17. Orientation: October 21/17. Group Nutrition Class: January 5/18. First Nurse apt: February 5/18. Blood-work: February 8/18. ECG: February 12/18. Nutritionist: February 27/18. Scope: March 2/18. Social Worker: March 6/18. Internist: April 23/18, Re-Scheduled to May 15/18. Meet The Surgeon: June 11/18

on 2/22/18 10:58 pm

Hello and welcome to the community.

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on 2/25/18 11:26 am
VSG on 10/11/16

Welcome to the group!

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