Sunday Weigh In

Don 1962
on 6/26/22 7:49 am, edited 6/26/22 4:03 pm

but its a dry heat!

Last Week: 193.2

This week: 192.0

Made impromptu trip to West Texas this week to see a relative or two and let the Mrs. be able get a visual picture of these places when I talk about them. The wind blows almost constantly in that part of the world too. Hence the meme.

Got to get going before gets too hot here and knock out some yardwork that needs doing.

Have a Great Week, Gentlemen!!

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

on 6/26/22 8:23 am
VSG on 11/28/16

Last Week 237.2
This Week 235.8

Not a dry heat here :-) Humid as can be. Friday and Saturday did ton of yard work and shoveled a yard of topsoil to plant some grass around our new concrete patio. I lost some weight even though I kept well hydrated, so I am hoping it was more than water weight.

Good week to all!

on 6/26/22 1:42 pm
DS on 12/18/18

Last week 195.2

This week 197.2

Probably did about 63 hours this week. Helped deliver a couple of stops after a routing SNAFU. Grocery shopping is getting to be a bit of a PITA now. Shopping for 5 adults has always been spendy and time consuming but between shortages and trying to shop around to avoid the worst of the price gouging it's taking several more stops. Wound up running on both Friday and Saturday so did not touch the yard (we have a drought so it's not too bad but I wanted to hit it).

Don 1962
on 6/26/22 4:20 pm

We are only shopping for two adults, and we have certain places we can only get certain things from. SF Reese's miniature cups only at Walmart. Snack cheese comes from Target or H-E-B.

on 6/26/22 9:34 pm

I'm on the low end of my weight band which is between 159 and 167lbs. It's become normal that I'm on the low range in the early Summer and high range in the dead of Winter. I'm managing a house load of dogs while I watch my very large and strong puppy along with my daughters dogs. It's more harrowing than I thought it would be.

Work completely sucks at the moment, so the dogs are someone of a balance to the normal business grind.

Have a great week!

Don 1962
on 6/27/22 3:29 am

Doing "doggie granddaddy" duty. You got your hands full.

on 6/28/22 10:24 pm

It's a lot more work than I expected. My puppy has the strength of a linebacker and the maturity of a 4th grader. Not a great combo but hopefully it will only last a another 6 months or so.

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