Sunday Weigh In

Don 1962
on 9/18/22 6:39 am

It's happened to me... - meme

Last week: 192.0

This week: 193.6

Too much grazing!

That would be BAD!!

LSU came back to beat MSU yesterday. We started beating ourselves and they finished the job. Today Bengals and Cowboys play first game post Dak thumb injury and surgery.

Rowing and mowing were back on track this week.

Have a Great Week, Gentlemen!!

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

on 9/18/22 1:57 pm
DS on 12/18/18

Last week 197.4

This week 195.8

Had a rough start and end to the week but the majority of it wasn't bad. Cooked up a couple of steaks for the crew last night. It wasn't Texas Roadhouse but it was decent eating.

I was a slug and skipped cutting the grass this weekend. It isn't bad but it is definitely have to get cut next weekend. With the days getting shorter I have a much smaller window of time to get moving before it gets dark.

on 9/18/22 11:02 pm

Up +3lbs this week but no issue, as I recovered from Covid and feel much better. Activity is pretty decent for an old guy, and food is ok.

New York had it's best sports day in a decade as the Jets, Giants, Yankees, and Mets all won and the games were all good, especially the Jets beating Cleveland in an impossible come from behind win with 90 seconds left.

Don 1962
on 9/19/22 3:24 am

That was a good day in NY sports to have all four teams to win. We are going to have to agree to disagree next Monday night since the Cowboys will be the Meadowlands.

on 9/23/22 12:02 am

It's not the Cowboys we hate, it's Jerry Jones. Without Zak I think the Cowboys will be challenged but hopefully a good game regardless. I'll be curious to see if the Giants are for real with the new coach this season, and Monday will say a lot about that.

Don 1962
on 9/26/22 3:44 am

We hate him too!

on 9/19/22 1:13 pm
VSG on 11/28/16

Last Week 238.1
This Week 236.8

I had my garage floor and driveway replaced over the last week and a half. What a mess from dirt and dust. Finally done and looking forward to starting from scratch to get it organized. Going overnight camping with my brother and sister midweek in Amish country. Looking forward to a work week break, the company, country and good eats!

Good week to all

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