Sunday Weigh In

Don 1962
on 10/16/22 7:09 am

I donâ??t always ride a mechanical bull but when I do I fall off! - The  Most Interesting Man in the World | Make a Meme

Last week: 193.2

This week: 193.2

Had local fall festival yesterday and there was a mechanical bull there. Challenged my guys to ride it and I'd pay. Only one took me up on my offer. Neither one of us had John Travolta like skills and we sure did not look like a young Debra Winger in a chilled room dancing on top of the thing, but the message was sent. Sarge may getting old but he still has some balls. No, I would sure not have done it prior to 2008!

Congrats to Tennessee for beating Alabama by a FG. Going to get fined by the NCAA for the youthful exuberance post win but 18 years since they last beat Alabama - here's the check. Down side M-State after loosing to Kentuckey will be in Tuscaloosa next Saturday night. We also had to play them after they lost to A&M last year. It wasn't pretty nor was the outcome in our favor.

Have a Great Week, Gentlemen!!

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

on 10/16/22 8:36 am
VSG on 11/28/16

Last Week 240.3
This Week 238.4

Trees are changing color, and they are starting to fall. Crisp cool weather is here. It is nice, but I dread the cold cloudy days and shoveling snow. Weight moved in the right direction, which I hope continues. Bloodwork a few weeks ago was great for vitamins, but cholesterol has high, and doc said if I don't have it better by December, I will go back on meds for it. Going to give it my best shoy.

Good week to all!

on 10/16/22 11:19 am

I'm dreading the imminent winter misery also. Leaves are starting to drop now which looks amazing in New England but it comes with a price, raking them later.

My cholesterol is low but I have to take the statins anyway as I still have plaque build up. The meds supposedly keep the plaque from breaking loose.

on 10/16/22 11:21 am

Weights pretty stable so no complaints there. Glad for Tennessee over Alabama in the best game of the season. Also I respect Saban but tired of seeing Alabama get all the glory.

on 10/16/22 2:17 pm
DS on 12/18/18

Last week 196.2

This week 197

Running behind so just dashing this off before going to work

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