Sunday Weigh In

Don 1962
on 3/5/23 7:15 am

Someone say Yard work - Almost Politically Correct Redneck | Make a Meme

Last week: 196.4

This week: 196.6

Made it past March 1st without needing to crank up the mowers but they got fired up yesterday. Mostly weeds, leaves and rye grass but looks better than it did. One minor mishap. String trimming around house and got too close to the phone line coming into the house. It's taken a lot of hits over the years but yesterday was final straw. Using hot box from truck for internet.

Doctors say I'm healthy. Seeing, pardon the pun, the eye doctor this week. Trying a new one. Husband is an ex-State Trooper turned Justice of the Peace. Police discount!

Have a Great Week, Gentlemen!!

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

on 3/5/23 8:35 am
VSG on 11/28/16

Last Week 236.3
This Week 239.5

High today will be 43, but at least sunny. I probably wont have to cut grass until late April - early May.

I have about a 2/3 acre lot and have been thining of getting a small rider to mow with. The exercise is good pushing, but Im just getting tired of it :-)

Good week to all

Don 1962
on 3/6/23 3:43 am

Have you priced any? Walking passed some yesterday going into a Home Depot

on 3/6/23 7:26 am
VSG on 11/28/16

I've looked at a few online, and they are not cheap :-). I'm more specifically looking for a zero turn. A coworker has a cousin that repairs and sells used ones, so I will look into that first.

Don 1962
on 3/6/23 4:33 pm

I had never used one till I bought mine and the dealer brought it to my house. I was MWI! Mowing While Intoxicated! It took using it a few times and going slow when I did to get the feel for the thing.

on 3/5/23 1:43 pm
DS on 12/18/18

Last week 198.6

This week 196.2

Went to orthopedist and he said the piece of bone that broke off was just the attachment point for the ligament and that it technically wasn't a fracture It's apparently a severe grade 3 sprain. So I'm back to work today with a wrist splint.

on 3/5/23 10:39 pm

Weight is unchanged

Works awful but maybe better in a few months. No yard work yet in the Northeast, probably a month away. Looking forward to the March Madness tournament starting up soon. Happy to see NY Knicks are a good team for the first time in two decades.

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