Canadians traveling to Mexico for surgery

on 4/11/12 10:02 am
Just wanted to share what I was told by the hospital here when I called them to have my VSG added to my medical file. I was told I had to have my family doctor send in a letter to health records and they would update the file accordingly. So I go to my NEW family doctor and he wants the intial consult letter, operative report and a discharge summary in order to write a letter to the hospital.

So make this request before your surgeries in Mexico. Not sure if all surgeons keep a copy of your medical file in Mexico once you leave. I was asked questions about my pre op weight, age, height etc... so guessing they discarded my file that had all this information which is understandable since I should never have to return there again for that type of surgery. Just not sure why they bother to take measurements or anything like that if they don't plan to follow the initial recordings of weight and measurements.

Just think it will be easier if you return home with the whole package to give to your doctors instead of trying to track it down months later.

My new doctor basically told me that to him I didn't have the surgery until he has these reports. If what I presented is not good enough I will have to look for a new family doctor once again. My record from my previous doctor stating my plans, time off of work and everything was in his hands but that was not good enough apparently so he will treat me as if I never had the surgery until proven?!?!?!
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on 4/11/12 10:51 am, edited 4/11/12 10:56 am - Kingston, NS, Canada
Sorry but what a dip**** Unless I see records it didn't happen. What a crock.  I have had multiple surgeries by many doctors, and my records are all over the place.  My doctor doesn't ask for all my surgery records.  Did you come home with your leak test exrays? 

edited to add: sorry that came across as harsh.  Good advise to get all info you can before leaving Mexico



on 4/11/12 10:58 am
Yes I did come with the xrays but he wants all this stuff in order to write to the hospital and he has nothing to go on he said to tell the hospital so I finally got something that was ok to me and hopefully it will be ok to him so my records at the hospital can be updated. If he doesn't accept these I will just go on and find another doctor that will. There are more doctors in the practice just when mine left they had a notice up of a new doctor coming in and taking over my doctor's patients and when I asked at the 5-6 month mark to get some blood tests done he was acting like he didn't know what to have drawn and I said just about everything. Some just need everything infront of them if ya know what I mean to do something.
Sleeved 15-Sept-2011 HW 294 Pre op weight 285 SW 279 GW 145?
Pre op 6 lbs lost, M1 - 23 lbs M2 - 11 lbs M3 - 12 M4 - 6 M5 -10 M6 -10 M7 -7 M8 - 4 M9 - 4
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on 4/12/12 4:44 am
Thanks for the heads-up!
on 4/13/12 2:20 am - Canada
VSG on 04/03/12
That's bs. Your doctor is being odd. I have also had surgery in another provience and they have nothing from that.  They have my history of saying I had this surgery for this reason and the scar if they didn't believe that.

It's always a good idea to get medical reports when you can for your file but to treat you as though you didn't have the surgery is bad medicine.

He is choosing not to believe you and his practice of medicine is going to be sucky because of that. 

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on 4/13/12 6:09 am
Yeah, I only met him the once to get the blood work follow up, it must have been fine cause he didn't call me back in to check up on it. I am just saying what I have been told to get from my surgeon, not really at the point of being mad at the new doctor. Just trying to get people heading there to get all their information. When you have surgery done, a letter is usually sent to your family doctor anyways notifying them. Like I said if what I have received is enough I will be looking for a new doctor that will accept the information that I have.
Sleeved 15-Sept-2011 HW 294 Pre op weight 285 SW 279 GW 145?
Pre op 6 lbs lost, M1 - 23 lbs M2 - 11 lbs M3 - 12 M4 - 6 M5 -10 M6 -10 M7 -7 M8 - 4 M9 - 4
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on 4/20/12 2:35 pm - Canada
VSG on 01/16/12
 That sounds totally whack. My doctor didn't request anything from me. He just put in his file whatever information I gave him about my surgery, and what lab testing I will need, and the time frames required, vitamin requirements, etc. I had all my test results from the hospital, but he wasn't interested in them at all, plus they were in Spanish, so it was irrelevant to him. I did show him my x-ray of my new sleeve, but he wasn't interested in putting a copy in my file. He did ask to see my incisions, and was pleased with what he saw. I don't know about all Mexican surgeons methods, but mine gives you everything to take with you when you leave.

Also they want to know all about your pre-op weight, age, height and stuff, because they need to judge your surgery risk, and proper amount of medication you will need. 

I have changed doctors many times, and I never had one ask for my old records. They start their own file, and take my history from what I tell them. No questions asked.

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on 4/22/12 6:50 am
I thought it was totally whacky as well, but I have to put myself in the situation of the Dr informing the hospital to have it put on my hospital file when he has no information about it. Is he just suppose to write such and such has a vertical sleeve gastrectomy on such and such date, please update health file.... It doesn't look professional on his end and I do work in health care and know this stuff is important and they want details.

I went to him to ask him to update my health record at the hospitals so it would be on file and said that I have contacted health records and needed him to do this. I can't fight much about it because now you go in to meet the Dr, you are still not officially a patient of theirs and you decide over time as well as the doctor because they say that the dr has a decision to take you on as a patient as well... BLAH the damn paper on the wall for months said that this dr would be taking over all of my old drs patients.

My children meet a different dr there that does lots of walk in clinics and I must find out if he is staying there or has a practice somewheres cause I really find he is great with my children, it just so happens that he is working when my children need to see a dr and it is a last minute appointment.
on 4/20/12 10:38 pm
I have a very accomodating doctor who believes in the advances that technology has provided us. Although she currently isnt treating anyone who have had VSG surgery, she has lots of patients who have had the lapband (which she totally did not want me to do) or rny. (that was govt funded) I live in a small town so thats the only reason why..not because its not a great option!

She has agreed wholeheartedly that looking out for my aftercare will not be a problem at all and shes actually quite excited to see where this journey takes me. She wants to see all the documents I bring home and keep her posted on everything. That is a huge sigh of relief. But I know of some doctors here who would be exactly like this doctor above..I personally would have a hard time relating to them.
on 4/22/12 12:43 am
well the dr I had prior to surgery knew my plans and said he would take care of me post op and never requested all this information, but when I came back for my follow up he was packing up and leaving the practice so I had to go with the new guy that was taking over his patients. I will be going in soon for some more follow up tests. Just lots on my plate right now. Just getting my child home from the hospital with an injury and surgery this past week, lots of fun.
Sleeved 15-Sept-2011 HW 294 Pre op weight 285 SW 279 GW 145?
Pre op 6 lbs lost, M1 - 23 lbs M2 - 11 lbs M3 - 12 M4 - 6 M5 -10 M6 -10 M7 -7 M8 - 4 M9 - 4
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