Feedback on these surgeons please

on 9/2/15 9:57 am

Well I decided to narrow down my options by requiring a surgeon to be FACS and a Level One Bariatric Hospital equipped for multiple potential complications. I also wanted a hospital with JCI accreditation.

Since Dr Corvala is it the Director of Bariatrics, is FACS and is in charge of a Bariatric fellowship program, I chose him. I also seriously considered Dr Kelley. I had an excellent experience at Hospital Angeles with him. I spent 5 days/4 bites at the hospital and 2 at Hotel Lucerne. I met with a nutritionist, psychologist, Bariatric residents and saw Dr Corvala 1-2 times per day at the hospital. Very nice humble surgeon. Hospital was on par with fine medium sized modern U.S. hospitals.

i am sure I Would have had a fine experience with several of the other surgeons discussed in this thread. Dr Corvala trained many of them at his Fellowship.

My BMI pre op May 2015 was about 33 and now is 26.9.

I check in periodically with the nutritionist when I have a question. Other than a bad cold, my post op experience has been uneventful. I have been following the diet prescribed and doing moderate aerobic and resistance training with a trainer at a gym.

Think I may be headed back to TJ for plastic surgery in 1-2 years to remove the excess abdomen and chest skin. I am hoping some of this skin will resolve in time but will find out soon. Fortunately,there are 3 plastic surgeons at Hospital Angeles who have an excellent reputation. Thanks to all for your assistance in providing info and support!

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