who used Dr Laura Carmina Cardenas?

on 10/13/15 3:11 am

Hi all!!

Who used this Dr and what were your results? Would you use her again? She has great reviews on RS, but when I did a search her, not much came up? Any info is welcome.

thanks a mil!


crosspost plastic surgery

on 10/23/15 5:10 am

I would like to know about her too. She seems excellent and I spoke to her regarding procedure recommendations.

Only real concern is having a very long procedure in a surgical center in Mexico. In the US, if something goes wrong, you are immediately transfered to a. hospital. It may not be as smooth a transfer in MX for a variety of reasons. My rationale had me have the gastric sleeve at Hospital Angeles in TJ.

I asked Dr Cardenas about such emergencies and she said that she would use a nearbt hospital if a serious complication occurred however this has not happened yet.

Any additional thoughts about her? Thx

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