Dr Rodriguez in Juarez through BeLite Weight

on 12/14/15 6:16 pm
VSG on 01/28/16

Hi - I'm new here. I'm in the process of scheduling my surgery with Dr. Rodriguez in Juarez, Mexico through BeLite Weight. Can anyone give me some current stories of their time there? Or with BeLite Weight in general? I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. I've found it a great process so far and I haven't found any bad reviews, but this is surgery and quite frankly I'm scared to death of it. So, I'd like to be reassured :) So if you have any experiences, please pass them on to this scaredy cat!!!

on 1/8/16 12:15 pm

Hi,  I had surgery through BeLite with Dr. Elmo.  Dr. Elmo is amazing.  I had a great experience.  Don't forget to bring washcloths they only have towels.  I have lost 102 lbs.  I have had no problems at all.

on 1/8/16 6:08 pm
VSG on 01/28/16

omg dclardy11 --- thank you so much for replying. Can you tell me more? When was your surgery? Did you meet Dr Rodriguez as well? Was it a nice hospital? My family is like -- 'what?? really? you're not serious' when i tell him i'm going to mexico to go do this lol :) I'm thinking positive but its like 2.5 weeks away and I'm sorta on pins and needles about it. I bet you look awesome. Any further details would be so much appreciated.

on 1/11/16 10:07 am

Sorry this took me so long to reply.  I did meet Dr. Rodriguez as well.  I believe they are a team.  He was very nice.  I have heard good things about him.  My family was so worried about me!  My pastor's wife went with me, she takes care of people as a job, so I was blessed to have her.  I was very pleased with my doctors.  It is a little hard to communicate with the nurses because I don't know Spanish, but not bad,because you have other people that speak English that come to see you.  The doctors know English very well.  The hospital was very clean.  We felt very safe from the beginning.  I flew in on Dec. 15, 2014 and came home on December 18,2014.  I made sure and bought the inflammation pain medication they offered me to come home with, even though I didn't have any pain.  I took them until a few days after I got home.  I have had no problems.  Let me know if you have any more questions I will be happy to answer them.



on 1/9/16 7:36 pm

I have been researching and compiling info for my 23yo daughter and myself.  Any information you can PM me as far as contact info and do's and dont's would greatly be appreciated.  Congratulations on your success.   

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