OMG... Am I Too Big to Fly?

on 12/16/15 4:48 pm
VSG on 01/28/16

Have any of you had any issues flying to your destination as obese folks? I didn't even think about this until now and about to schedule my surgery. Did any of you have to purchase a second seat? The last time I flew I wasn't tiny but I wasn't this big either. I'm not sure how to prepare for flying in this regard. Do you have any suggestions from your experience? I'm 5'7" and 350lbs roughly.

Which airlines did you use? El Paso only has Southwest, Delta, American, United.

Sandra F.
on 12/17/15 6:13 am

I flew when I was obese and it certainly wasn't pleasant.  I would suggest either first class or two seats, if you can afford it.  If not, stick to the aisle seat, rather than the middle or window.



on 12/17/15 6:21 am
VSG on 01/28/16

Thanks for responding.

If I could afford two seats I wouldn't be flying alone. Do you think a flight attendant will give me grief and make me leave the plane? I don't want any surprises the day I'm supposed to fly :(

Sandra F.
on 12/17/15 6:26 am

I'm not sure.  At my highest I was 288, 5'6" and flew many times with no issues.  You may want to check to see who is the cheapest and then call the airline before booking to see what their policy is.  Good luck to you.



Sherrie P.
on 12/20/15 6:55 pm
RNY on 02/06/13

You will likely need a seatbelt extender. All airlines carry them or you can even buy one in advance on Ebay. If you do buy one there are multiple kinds so you need to know what airline you are traveling on. This is only really recommended if you are too embarrassed to ask for one. Just quietly ask the flight attendant when you are boarding for it and she will get it for you.

You can also go on and check out which airlines have bigger seats. Most short delta flights are small for example - However, Delta has delta comfort seats which are not as expensive as first class and are bigger.

I flew a lot obese... so I did a lot of research.

Good luck!!


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