Headed to Mexico!!!

on 1/26/16 9:32 pm
VSG on 01/28/16

Its January 27th, and today's the day I head down to Juarez to meet Dr. Rodriguez and the team at Star Medica! EEEP lol - wish me luck :)

on 1/27/16 2:14 pm - Canada
VSG on 01/19/16

Good luck! You'll do great! Keep us posted.

on 1/27/16 6:57 pm
VSG on 01/28/16

Hi, I'm here and boy, what a long flight! Before I was even off the plane the driver called to tell me where to meet him so that was good. Driving across the border was a trip! I'll be sure to go into detail on everything later.

The staff put us in a room right away to it wasn't the hoity toity one they advertise on their website. That was OK, the room is nice anyway. I was asked to change into a gown right away for an EKG, a chest X-ray, and a blood draw. That went OK. After that, we were free to go get some food! So hungry lol from fasting all day.

The place next door, I forget the name right now, was fantastic!!!! And we expected to pay like, $70 for all we ordered --- husband had some drinks, we had appetizers, and we had meaty main dishes. Dude.... We walked out of there paying $40usd... No joke! We left the server a bad ass tip and went to the mall across the street. The mall was dull.

Tomorrow I'll get the gastric sleeve performed.... And I'm freaking out lol.

Tell you more tomorrow!

on 1/27/16 7:09 pm
VSG on 02/12/16

Good Luck.

on 1/29/16 2:26 am
VSG on 01/28/16

Ok I'm back - and still alive and everything, with my brand new gastric sleeve!

I'll post more in detail but wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes :) and juarez was the way to go for this. I'm really glad I did this and did this here.

on 2/1/16 8:11 pm
VSG on 02/05/16

Congratulations!! I'm so glad ur OK.  Your post was helpful bto me. Maybe I'll go to the store and get that ice cream.  Today was my first day of the liquid diet...I did good until tonight.  I feel very depressed and scared, but I logged in to read your post, and I'm so glad I did.  I can't wait to see your update, and some before and after pictures later!!

on 2/3/16 6:48 pm - Canada
VSG on 01/19/16

Congratulations! I'm glad to hear everything went well.

on 2/6/16 5:03 am


Enjoy reading your posts.  Can you tell me more on how you found your doctor, does he have a website covering the basics including costs, etc?  All I have found is what seems like a middleman company that books for him and several other docs. He seems like the perfect choice we have been looking for but cant find the details on the surgery, costs, etc.


Thanks for any help,



on 2/6/16 8:41 am
VSG on 02/05/16

I just came across this post, and Im not  sure who you are talking about, but I am in my hospital bed in Puerto Valarta, and I have nothing but good things to say about everything.  No negatives.  I didnt go through middle man, I booked with Dr. Joya and paid 5700.  Some other doctors hijacked his site, so make sure you go to the officialdr.joya site.  It has official in website name, the other dr joya site are different doctors.  I feel great about my decision!

on 2/6/16 10:04 am
VSG on 01/28/16

Not sure who you're referring to Adam, but if you meant me, I went through a coordinator called BeLite Weight, mostly because they offered financing. Had I been cash pay, I may have gone about this differently, but I paid half up front (probably could have gotten away with less if my credit was better, but tons of expenses since xmas on the credit cards etc).

Anyway, I paid $3500 down, and then its $200 a month for the next two years. I spent a little more than other folks here but 1) financing and 2)my doctor lives in america and preforms the surgeries in mexico. He also has a lot of skill as a surgeon, studied in mexico, abroad, and in the united states. Just looking at his incisions a week afterwards, I'm HELLA surprised that i'm not in any pain and they are healing so much omg.

You really can't put a price on your life and I just felt better spending extra for a srsly talented surgeon. Something about paying only $2500 or $3000 for a surgeon plus his team I didn't feel comfortable with. I still got more than 50% off the American rates though.

The other folks are going to good doctors too, I'm sure, but my surgeon has so much education, skill, and experience, he can charge more -- and he still has patients coming every day to mexico for him to do this exact surgery. To put this in perspective, from start to finish, he did my gastric sleeve in an hour. I saw the clock before and after.

If you do go to BeLite Weight, private message me and I'll give you my name - see if you get a discount for a referral - no idea but worth a shot.



(ps, the website is beliteweight.com)

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