My surgery in Mexico ...

on 7/8/17 5:37 pm - Puerto Rico

When I disclose to a doc that I had my surgery done in Mexico is like i stepped on their toes, OMG. Im like, seriously, first of all, if i even try to access this surgery in USA, I have to go tru so much drama, evaluation this, evaluation that, this test, that test, and whatever here and there and don't forget $$$$$. I am very proud of my experience in Mexico, the staff at the clinic were awesome.

Why can we take our own care in our hands, in decisions such as this one? The whole situation was very empowering, the research, the planning, taking the desicion, going to Mexico and having it done. I wish we had it available in USA, as suppose to dealing with all the burocracy of our current medical insurance nonsense.

on 8/31/17 8:30 am

Can you please let us know what surgery center in Mexico you used? I am researching Mexico bariatric centers and am looking for good experiences.