Dr Perez in Cancun or others- seeking info

on 7/14/17 1:30 pm - Wainwright, AB

I'm looking for reviews on getting bariatric surgery in Mexico. My husbands therapist sent me to a site for Dr. Perez in Cancun and I have been in contact with a representative from him, but I'm looking for impartial reviews and if anyone has anything to tell me about him, or even other doctors if anyone has experience with them.

I'm currently 425 lbs at 5'8.

Are tthere significant pluses to getting the surgery done in Mexico vs. Up here in Canada?

on 10/9/17 3:31 pm

Hi Maithuna,

I was looking for the same information. I found a little info that is making me turn away from him. Not him but the nurses he leaves to care for you. They tell you after surgery the pain is in your head. Not cool.