7 years out VSG- down 200 pounds Dr. Guillermo Alvarez

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on 8/2/17 7:42 am

Hello! My name is Amber and i'm 25 years old. I had been overweight my entire life, and by the time I reached 18 years old I was weighing in at 350 pounds. I had health issues, depression, anxiety, and I just felt terrible about myself. I decided to have the VSG with Dr. Guillermo Alvarez and it was the best decision of my life!

SW: 350

LW: 149

Surgery: VSG in June, 2010.

If you check out my profile you'll find how to get to my blog. On my blog I have been writing about my entire experience on this journey. You'll get to hear about my experience with Dr. Alvarez and how this wonderful man gave me the best tool in the world that honestly saved my life. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

on 8/9/17 1:07 pm
VSG on 12/04/14

I LOVE Dr. Alvarez! I've been watching his Youtube videos months before my surgery. He was very informative.



on 9/11/17 6:11 pm

You look wonderful! I am having surgery on 11/8/2017 with Dr. Alvarez. I am so excited?

on 10/6/17 12:04 pm

Congrats to original poster. What an amazing thing you've done for yourself.

I am booked with Dr Alvarez for 6 November! I'm excited too, and nervous, and excited...! LOL

I'm trying to stay focused by eating sensibly before starting my pre-op diet....

HW: 290

Pre-OP: 264

CW: See ticker

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Hi Dishy Fishy

Congrats on your upcoming VSG surgery with Dr A.

I have been doing lots of research on Mexico, I believe he is the Best.

Please keep in touch with me, would love to know your experience with Dr A and your surgery.

So excited for you!!!


Joy aka joyfullness

on 10/19/17 3:21 pm

Hi Everyone

I just had VSG with Dr A on 10/14/2017




The whole team is amazing !! I went by myself and felt safe and was very well taken care of . Endobariatrics takes care of EVERYTHING ... You will get a book and guide that helps you navigate your post op stages etc.. You can call Susan @ anytime and she gets back to you very quickly ..... Dr A is very humble approachable and really wants us all to succeed .. I did A LOT of research prior to choosing Endo and trust me this is the team you want to care for you ...

Please feel free to ask me any questions

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Hi CHAZ1966,

Thanks for your post! So happy all went well! Wow your almost in Onederland already WTG!!!

Just a few questions?

Did they use the glue on your wounds or sutchers?

How did you feel on your trip back? One concern for me is traveling just a few days after surgery.

thanks for your answers in advance, blessings to you


Joy aka joyfullness

on 10/20/17 9:07 am

Hi Joyfulness-

One of my Sleeve Sisters drove her self home 3 hour drive 3rd day post op.... No one had any problems traveling post op ... Stitches are located in 5 areas with steri strips on top ... they should absorb and stern strips will fall off ... No worries with any traveling Dr.A and team have done this so many times they know how to care for all that can happen with your travel .... Nausea , gas pain ..etc

They give you meds and written guide along with emails explaining everything to expect .

No worries !!! You are in GREAT HANDS ...............

BTW My flight was about 4.5 hours no problem with travel, You will see trust them

on 10/10/17 4:27 pm

Congraulations on your success!

You are an inspiration to all!!!