An informative post about Surgery in MX.

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So I'm going to keep updating this post because I feel like there has to be others looking for the information I am.

First off I chose to go through Beliteweight. So far so good. I've paid my $500 deposit to reserve my date of August 12, 2017. I'm not entirely impressed with them but if they get me to and through surgery I guess that is what really matters. Sa is not very good about responding to emails. This only got worse after I paid my $500. I guess the sell was over. She did call me yesterday to see if I had started my liquid preop. I had totally planned on doing a liquid preop on Monday but only for myself. I was never told to do a liquid preop. The preop instructions sent to me did not mention a liquid preop. But whatever. Started today.

I bought a sample pack of soups from Bariatric Advantage. They are Pantry Selections and have lots of protein. I had cream of tomato. It was delicious. I also tried Click Coffee and Protein Vanilla Latte. Delicious too. I tried Matrix Banana and cream. I did not like it. Hardly any flavor.

Anyway, you're hear for info. So with Beliteweight I am paying 4500 out of pocket and they are financing the other 5600. They arrange the surgery, hire transportation from the airport to the hospital and, if I understand right, I'll have a personal guide/concierge. I'll let y'all know about that last one

I'm have a Bypass to Bypass Revision upper and lower. I had the old stomach stapling and my stomach opened back up. Also since I was young the surgeon left more intestine and I never had any dumping or anything.

I've got my passport card to cross the border from El Paso to Mexico. I've got my Flight to and from El Paso. I've started packing but only essentials since I will be alone and don't want to check luggage. I've got my shampoo, body wash, and lotion in 3 oz bottles. I've got Deodorant, tide, tooth paste, chapstick all packed in the baggie with them. I've got my medicines, 5 days worth. I've got headphones. I've ordered a charge bank, a blow up travel pillow to put against my stomach after, a heating pad, longer cord for my phone, cord for my headphones, a lanyard with a wallet attached that I'm going to keep on me and down my shirt with some money, a card, and my ids, and more of the Click Vanilla Latte. (What can I say? I love coffee!)

this week I'm buying new socks(I need them lol. ), a pair of gripper socks, slide on shoes, And front clasp sports bra. Then I gotta finish packing! I'm also staying in St. Louis close to the airport the night before and the night I fly in. They want me to be there befor two which means I have a 5:30am flight and they want you to stay until noon the day of departure so I won't get home until 6:40pm. So hotel here we come. Luckily my mother is bringing my babies and picking me up and taking me up there too.

Will write more tomorrow. Tired. Ask questions. I'll answer!

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I am having a Gastric Bypass Revision. Upper and Lower so hoping my weight loss is like the last time but will be happy if I just get rid of the acid and bike reflux I've been having for years.

Everyone is worried about me going to Mexico, I haven't told too many people really, the ones I knew would support my surgery only. Those worried are only worried about me going by myself. I'm thinking it's like a vacation! No one to worry about but myself!

well I'm not sure what to write so I'll sign off! Ask a question?!


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How did your surgery go? What was the experience like in Mexico? I am planning to have WLS there in October. I'm still trying to decide on doctor and location. It gets confusing looking at all the different US companies offering packages which say they all have the best doctors.

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My surgery today. I am at hospital now. Flew from St. Louis to El Paso on Southwest. Very impressed. Flights were NOT crowded. Had the whole row to myself. Bring a sweater. Very cold. Buy a blow up travel pillow. Will also help with bumps on the drive to and from airport. Do NOT buy a cloudz travel blanket. It's a glorified sheet. You don't have to print out a boarding pass if you have it on your phone. When going through security have boarding pass and ID ready. Once you're to the scanners remove your bag of liquids, any laptops or game consoles, and your shoes. I bought slip on shoes for this and after the surgery I probably won't feel like tieing my shoes. Once you're through security find your gate. I arrived about 45 minutes before my flight started boarding (which is 30 minutes before takeoff) and barely had time to pee and find a seat to wait. Flights were wonderful. All the water I could drink since I had to be on water only for 6 hrs before preop testing.

Mince you get to El Paso, go to the baggage claim. Just past there you go out the door and see a little covered area. That is where Amigo Shuttle pickes you up. Don't listen to the little map Beliteweight gives you. There is no assigned parking and my guy didn't see me because I was on the other end.

Then we drove to Juarez. On the way to you just ride. There is no ID needed so just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Upon arrival to the hospital give the driver your drivers license. He will take you to Registration and give your I'd to them.

Then you sign standard paperwork. I had already paid my $4000 to beliteweight but if you haven't this is where you would give them your cashiers check or money order. After giving me a beautiful bracelet it was up to the third floor.

There I was weighed and taken to my room. They give you body wash, soap, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. So don't pack those. They also have a big towel to dry with and a hand towl to wash with. Not the softest but do the job.

Youve got you're own bathroom with a bottle water and huge shower with good water pressure. A small closet to hang up your clothes. A small chest of drawers beside the bed. A tv. Recliner and a small futon like couch. Comfy for sleeping.

Then the give you a gown. Change into it to get labs, chest X-ray, and ekg done. The ekg was different than America. The put these clamp like sensors on your ankles and wrists. Then they use these suction cup electrodes instead of our sticky ones. Be prepared to bare all because they had to expose my left breast to do this.

Change when you get all that done because they mostly leave you alone after that. I didn't see my nurse except like 2 times. One time to get ice and another to take my vitals before bed. Get Google Translate! The speak very very little English. Then a guy( louis I think) came and brought me coffee and got me a safe. My lunch was not free. Cost about 14 bucks for entree and dessert. Change brought back was pesos so bring small bills. Lol.

Then the anesthesiologist came and spoke to me. Mostly about getting up and walking after surgery or at least sitting in recliner because laying flat is going to make the gasses push on my diaphragm. He also talked about making sure I used my spirometer to clear the lungs.

Then dinner was served. Lemon Jello, camamile tea, and apple juice. I had some pantry select protein soup so I turned the tea water into soup instead. Apple juice was too sweet for my taste.

Took a shower and went to bed after I was told they would be starting my iv at 5:30. I set my alarm for 5:15. Changes back into my gown and brushed my teeth. They just started my iv at 6. Still no idea when surgery is yet. Probably won't hear from me until after. Wish me luck? Got questions? Ask.

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I am looking at a RnY revision what do you mean by "Gastric Bypass Revision. Upper and Lower"Just wanting more clarification as this might be what I am looking for!


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Basically they approved me to have my pouch fixed and possibly take more intestine out. They ended up leaving my lower alone because it looked so good and just corrected my pouch. I'm glad they left the lower alone because it has been much easier than my first time. I'm able to eat more variety than last time. Weight loss is slower but it's also been 18 years since my first surgery. No reflux though. Not one time!

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Thank you for the clarification!

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Hi Jessica,

Thank you for this thread. It has really helped. I'm looking at revising to the gastric bypass. How are you doing now and how has the weightloss been? Any regrets?


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No regrets. The weight loss is not dramatic because I only had to have my pouch repaired so they did not do anything to my lower intestines. I still have the same amount of mail absorption. Since you're revising TO the gastric Bypass you will be different. Since August I have lost 40lbs. My main victory though is I have not had acid reflux except for a small handful of times. I used to have it 3 or 4 times a day taking medication twice a day plus pepto.

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Thank you, I plan to look into them and ask some questions. I had a sleeve in 2009 and lost 140lbs. Then gained 90 lbs back. I revised to a mini gastric bypass in 2014 but it was a failed surgery, that wasn't done properly. Since then I've gained all my weight back plus an additional 20lbs. So I've been pretty depressed about all of this. I had an endoscopy in Nov 2017. I have acid reflux so bad it keeps me up at night. I'm on rx meds and take over the counter meds. The report came back that strongly sugessted to revise to an RNY Bypass. Well my insurance doesn't cover revisions so now I'm looking once again for a place I feel confident and can trust.