Nerves, nerves, everywhere!

on 8/23/17 10:00 am
VSG on 02/02/18

You guys. I finally scheduled my surgery for VSG for February 2018! I'm so excited! But of course, due to the location (mexico bariatrics) my sister and mom are furious! I shouldn't have told them, but figured out of respect for them and of course it being surgery, I would tell them. Not only that, but I also figured they'd listen to me and let them explain the extensive research I have done on the facilty! My surgery is with Dr. Valenzuela, and the coordinator has been phenomenal!

Someone calm my nerves, maybe? What is everyones experience? I have PCOS, so I'm doing this for a few reasons. One, to get rid of my PCOS (hopefully) and two, to learn to love myself again. Not that I need to explain myself to ANYONE besides me, but it's nice to have some insight.