Post care after VSG

on 10/14/17 3:40 am

Hello beautiful people. I am scheduled to be sleeved January 12, 2018 with Guillermo Alvarez at Endobariatric in Mexico. I am excited to go after being denied by my insurance a few years ago to have it here in the US. Question for those who have had their surgery already? What kind of post care did you have? I am at the beginning stages of getting all my information and I haven't come across that yet? My primary is against weight loss surgery altogether. So I could still go and just have her disappointed in me. But I want to hear from others. What was your after care like coming back to the US? I have seen so much on Dr. Alvarez that I do not want to go to anyone else. I just want to know about after care after surgery with Endobariatric. Thanks.

on 10/19/17 3:07 pm

Hi Missexpress410-

You will not be disappointed .... Dr Alvarez and his team give you everything you need to succeed in your post - op care . He goes over everything with you and emails are sent with each post op stage and what to do along with a guide and book ..... My primary doctor is the same way but you need to do what is RIGHT for you ... Please don't worry about anything with Endobariatrics they will guide you through it and are there for you for any questions or concerns you have @ anytime pre surgery , Surgery or post -op ..... I really can't say enough good things about DrA ,Susan , Brandi surgical and hospital team and the nurses in the hotel !!!

VSG- 10/14/2017




on 10/19/17 6:07 pm

Thank you CHAZ1966. I am really excited about my surgery. I have to admit that from the moment I found Dr. A my mind as been at ease. I was just wondering about people that had the surgery and what was it like afterward. But it seems like even afterward you are treated like family. Thanks again for your reply.

Maritonia R.
on 10/20/17 10:02 pm
VSG on 03/28/17

I haven't had any in-office follow up since having my surgery in Mexico. I plan to get my labs done at my next annual exam, which I will do around the time of my 1 year surgiversary. Not having follow-up is the biggest downside to having surgery far from where you live but it was still completely worth it for me.

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on 10/21/17 4:59 am

Thank you so much. I have been waiting on an answer from someone about this. I have found a doctor that will check on me. My primary is very old school, plus she is getting ready to retire. She wanted me to do on my own and like others I have had failure after failure. So all and all how do you feel? I know everyone is different and it comes down to following directions and how your body reacts. But do you feel well?