Thoughts on traveling/surgery alone?

on 10/23/17 11:02 am

I'm very close to scheduling my VSG with Dr Lopez Corvala. I'd love to hear from those who did surgery in Mexico and went alone.

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on 11/29/17 8:48 pm
on 1/16/18 12:12 am

I have traveled within the USA by myself for surgery. It isn't easy but it is doable. One of the things that I like about surgery in Mx is that you aren't as isolated as I was. You have someone checking in on you every day. I was alone in a hotel by 10 nights.

I have also traveled through Mexico by car having spent a month there last year. I was not alone that time. And I had medical treatment in Merida. Not surgery, but treatment for a digestive disorder. I was extremely impressed with the hospital, physician, quality of care that I received, and the price. I paid $25 US for an hour with a gastroenterologist. That's more than my copay back home, and far less time than my gastro spends with me.

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on 1/25/18 9:07 am - Streamwood, IL

Hi there @NanaB73

Did you end up getting the VSG? How did it go? How are you feeling? What was your experience like (good and bad).

I am scheduled for 2/16 but with BeLiteWeight. Would love to hear back about your experience