Dr. Gabriel Rosales

on 11/3/17 9:50 am


I am new here sorry if this question has been asked before. I have been doing a lot of research trying to pick a Doctor for the Vertical Sleeve Gastric. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

I have found Dr. Gabriel Rosales and have watched a few blogs of past patients that had, had surgery with him. I have tried to research him but really do not find much on him.

Who did you have do your surgery? How was your stay? How was your surgery? How many days Post OP are you? I know each doctor will have their pros and cons just like anyone. Who do you suggest? Do you have any links to share good or bad about Doctors.

As this is the 1st time for me are there any questions I need to ask?

Please help this is all so new to me and i'm scared I will not ask an important question or fail to do enough research and miss something important.

Thank you

AK girl

on 11/3/17 3:12 pm

Hi AK girl,

I hope this answers your question. I am having my surgery done by Dr. Guillermo Alvarez. When I received all my information in a gift box there was a break down off all the people on Dr. Alvarez's team. Dr. Gabriel Rosales name and information was in there. He is the surgical assistant that works along side Dr. Alvarez. If you want to see more about him check out Endobariatric.com. Now you might have to forgive me if there is another Dr. Gabriel Rosales out there. But the name jumped out at me because I just read his bio yesterday.

on 11/3/17 4:01 pm

Thank you so much! I am so happy to see someone else knows something about him. I will have to go look with Dr. Guillermo Alvarez I have heard good things about him. I look forward to hearing about your journey! and Congratz on picking a doctor!

on 11/3/17 4:03 pm

Also, I forgot to tell you that is the same Dr. Gabriel Rosales I was talking about so you did great girl!