Dr. Alvarez

on 1/13/18 6:05 pm

I had my surgery on January 12, 2018. Everything went great. I fly down to San Antonio on Thursday and waited on the Endobariatric van to Mexico. While waiting on the van I sat and talked to 3 beautiful ladies that were having the surgery the same day as me. We bonded on the trip down.

We were taking to the Hampton in at Piedras Negras in Mexico. The Hampton has been one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in. Clean friendly and accommodating. The Endo Van picked us up the next morning and we were off to get our labs. Once that was done we had a little wait in the waiting room, the day before patients were be discharged. As soon as our rooms were ready we changed into our gowns. We were all done around noon. I thought I was still waiting on the surgery not realizing I already had it. My husband said I was up and walking around 30 after returning to my room. I walked all night and wore myself out. So I slept a lot that night.

We were released back to the hotel were we rested more. I forgot to mention we had a nut visit the first day at the hotel and a second one when we returned to the hotel. Two of us slept in and the other two when to the spa. Dr. A is top notch. I not for once felt uncomfortable or out of place. I will be returning for plastics when Dr. A new hospital opens up. It will be a combo unit: hospital, hotel, dental and plastic all under the same roof. I am truly amazed with how I feel for having surgery yesterday. You will have a better out come if you follow the pre-op to a T. I am finally on the losers bench. If you want to know more about Dr. Alvarez check out Endobariatric.com. I would tell you about the hospital but there is no point, they will be moving to the new facility soon. I love that you are truly treated like family.

on 1/14/18 4:18 am

LOL please forgive my English. I was still on pain killers.