OCC question

on 7/6/19 10:00 pm

looking at OCC for VSG. my red flag is visiting hours ending at 4pm and no family allowed to stay overnight with you in hospital / clinic. it's odd.

anyone who had surgery at OCC have issue with this?

i also read some people state that the payment was sketchy in that credit cards aren't taken and wanting cashier checks? is this the case?

ortiz is board certified and clinic is joint commission compliant. strict visiting hours are odd though.

lots of + reviews for dr. illan... i can find info on the facility and it doesn't seem he's board certified bariatric surgeon.

thanks in advance for any info-

on 7/31/19 7:48 am

I am not comfortable with that policy nor is my husband, so I've chosen not to go with OCC for that reason. I also read in several fb support groups that I'm part of, that a few people were kicked off of their fb page for simply asking if anyone had any complications with them or other people trying to report negative things.. I have chosen Dr. Elias Ortiz who was previously with ALM but now has his own company called EOC. I highly recommend you looking him up on this forum & his fb page. All of the fb pages that I'm part of have nothing but positive things to say about him. I also know 2 people personally from my hometown that have had surgery with him from 8 months ago & 3 weeks ago who can't say enough good things either!

on 8/11/19 7:30 am

Hi have you or your husband did surgery? How was it? I'm looking to do mines soon and want as much info as possible?

on 4/3/20 3:17 pm

I am not sure if you had surgery yet, but if you haven't and are still doing research, I would not be comfortable with this policy either.

I hope you have found a center/surgeon that you feel comfortable with

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