on 7/30/19 8:24 am

I am planning to have this procedure done next year & think I've narrowed down my search to the following prospects:

  • Dr. Elias Ortiz - EOC
  • Dr. Ariel Ortiz - OCC
  • Dr. Juan Corvala - Angeles Health

If you or anyone you know personally has used any of these physicians/facilities, can you please tell me what your experience was like?

Thank you!

on 9/22/19 10:00 am
RNY on 09/13/19

I just had RNY at Angeles 13Sept2019. It went great. I was shocked at how well it went to be honest. I had Dr. Rodriguez for my surgeon. I am doing wonderful. They did everything as an American hospital would. If they hadn't done the swallow study, I might think so surgery was done!!

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